value in jewelry

value in jewelry

Jewelry and gemstones have been part of human culture for generations. Whether in the form of gold or rubies, these beautiful pieces have held significant value and meaning for us. These adornments represent status, love or fertility, signify commitments, milestones or lineage and serve as art, an offering or a trophy.

Because of its tremendous value and prestige, jewelry can be an excellent purchase. By tracing the history of a string of pearls or a diamond ring, you’ll follow a transfer of power and wealth through time and space. A valuable piece once gifted to an heir or a highly sought-after gem could be your next highly-valuable possession.

Financial Importance of Fine Jewelry

Centuries ago, people wore their wealth. Wearing a gold necklace was often safer than storing this gold somewhere in their homes. Jewelry has been used for inheritance and currency since the time of the Aztecs, and it is still used as such today.

1. Jewelry as a Valuable Asset Since Ancient Times

Since the days of ancient civilizations, our relationship with jewelry has become more complex. With increasing globalization, our access to the very best gems has widened and now spans every culture and region. Today, we’re living in the prime time to purchase high-end jewelry.

2. Gold Jewelry as a Valuable Asset Today

If you’re looking for valuable assets beyond stocks, bonds or real estate, jewelry can be both a rewarding and wise asset for collectors. While other markets and currencies can be quite volatile and fluctuate, precious gems withstand the test of time and retain their value. Purchasing high-end jewelry contributes to your own personal wealth, and it’s also a contribution to the wealth of future generations.

Even if your jewelry is ever melted down, reset and repurposed, it will likely still retain its value. Though the gold trade and the global economy do fluctuate, the value of gold heirlooms hold steady, and gold remains a dependable symbol of wealth, as it has for years. Citizens of some countries even trust the value of gold more than their national currency.

Jewelry of the highest quality and purity is the rarest and, therefore, the most valuable. As long as you have the power of knowledge and time on your side, you can purchase wisely in high-end jewelry.

Is Purchasing Jewelry Safe?

Many who choose to buy jewelry do so because they want to own a valuable asset that is more secure than real estate or the stock market. Because of how unpredictable other markets can be, many people seek to allocate their money to something more reliable.

With the not-too-distant memory of the 2008 financial crisis on the minds of many consumers, diversifying and finding safer assets has become more appealing. In fact, gold seems to shine brighter in times of economic and political volatility.

1. How Fine Jewelry Holds Value

Though gemstones and gold experience fluctuations in value, they don’t lose their value entirely. From analyzing long term trends, we can see that the value of gold and gemstones has nearly always steadily appreciated. Safely purchasing jewelry is all about staying patient through cycles and trends of the market and meticulously maintaining pieces while you have them.

While many gems can keep pace with inflation, the rare, high-quality jewels tend to quickly outpace inflation and appreciate substantially.

2. Value in Vintage Jewelry

Antique and vintage jewelry are especially valuable, often selling for millions of dollars. Gems that are free of flaws are particularly valuable. Even smaller stones with no defects are valued more highly than larger, cloudy stones.

Men and women are purchasing these pieces of antique jewelry, colored gems and diamonds because of their ability to appreciate in value and for their portability and global appeal.

3. Portability and Global Appeal of High-End Jewelry

In today’s world, portability has become a key factor in a person’s ability to build wealth quickly. Moving necklaces and rings is easier than moving cash or paintings or transferring ownership of a property. Jewelry also won’t be affected by the vulnerability of the online world, which is susceptible to viruses and hackers.

The demand for antique pieces of jewelry is steadily increasing as markets grow, especially in India and China. As demand increases, the value of your high-end jewelry will increase, making this a reliable, worthwhile possession.

How to Start Collecting Valuable Fine Jewelry

Now that you know you want to begin collecting fine jewelry, where do you start? How do you keep your jewelry valuable and durable so you can sell it for a nice profit in the future? Jewelry usually comes with a sizable upfront cost, so learning as much as you can about your purchase beforehand will help you maintain your financial health. You’ll also be able to move forward confidently with your purchase when you know you’re making a well-informed decision.

Follow these steps to start collecting valuable fine jewelry:

1. Pick a Piece You Love

Choose a piece of jewelry that you love and will bring you joy now. This is a valuable possession you can wear and enjoy, so take advantage of it. Select something you’ll love using, not something you’ll wear once a year or not at all. Consider jewelry personally valuable as well as financially valuable. Jewelry can enhance an outfit and boost your confidence, so if you’re going to collect jewelry, make sure it’s something you’ll love now and for years to come.

2. Prioritize Quality

Quality is key when it comes to collecting jewelry. When shopping for jewelry, keep in mind that bigger isn’t always better. Small, high-quality gems are more valuable than larger gems of lesser quality, so don’t compromise on quality when you’re making your selection.

3. Get Insurance for Your Fine Jewelry

Expensive jewelry can be vulnerable to theft or loss, so when you aren’t wearing it, store your jewelry securely and obtain insurance that can reimburse you for your financial loss should anything happen to your possessions.

4. Find a Reputable Seller

You should purchase jewelry only from a reputable seller. If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. Some sellers will attempt to sell fake jewels, so get your high-end gems and stones from a reliable source.

5. Take Your Time

Search through all your options carefully. There’s no need to rush to make a decision, and you’ll be happier knowing the piece you buy is exactly the right piece for you.

Following these steps will make your venture into jewelry collection easier and more secure.

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