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Tips for Buying Vintage Jewelry

Whether you are looking to add a piece of vintage jewelry to a growing classic jewelry collection or you are on a quest for a specific vintage jewelry piece, here are some tips on buying vintage jewelry.

Give Yourself a Quick Lesson On Vintage Jewelry History

Learning about the history behind a vintage jewelry piece makes the buying experience all that more rewarding. Before long you’ll know the difference between vintage Art Deco jewelry and a vintage Victorian ring. In time you’ll be able to buy vintage jewelry online that is authentic and you know has true value. We suggest learning as much as you can about the period piece you are interested in; for instance, vintage Art Deco jewelry, vintage Victorian jewelry, vintage Edwardian jewelry, and the like.

Buy (or Sell) Vintage Consignment Jewelry

Whether you want to sell or buy vintage jewelry, online consignment jewelry is another way to find some excellent deals on some very high-quality vintage jewelry pieces. Dover Jewelry also carries vintage consignment jewelry in Miami, Florida.

Buy Vintage Jewelry from Estate Sales

Many of our online vintage estate jewelry pieces were obtained from estate sales, which are always great venues for treasure hunting estate jewelry rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc. At estate sales one can often find high quality vintage jewelry items, including signed designer pieces.

Buy Vintage Jewelry Online

More and more people are shopping for vintage jewelry online because it is convenient and gives them much easier access to a greater range of products, making it easier to shop competitively. Buying vintage jewelry online can be very rewarding. A great number of companies engaged in selling online can also offer better prices because they are able to keep their overhead costs to a minimum…everybody wins!

Browse Our Online Vintage Jewelry for Sale

With headquarters in Miami, Florida, Dover Jewelry is among the most trusted and reputable vintage jewelry stores online.

As our jewelry experts travel the world we buy and sell some of the most desired vintage jewelry pieces at estate sales and auctions. The procured jewelry pieces are then made available online to our customers around the world at affordable, near wholesale prices.

Do you have antique vintage jewelry you wish to sell? Dover Jewelry also purchases estate and vintage jewelry pieces from private sources. Visit our page on how to buy estate jewelry.

For more information on how to buy vintage jewelry online including vintage bracelets, rings, earrings, watches, brooches, pins, and pendants, or to learn more about our vintage jewelry collection:

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For more than two decades Dover Jewelry has assisted vintage jewelry buyers in finding and purchasing vintage jewelry from all eras including Georgian, Victorian, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, and the more recent Retro jewelry era.

With our online antique and vintage jewelry store, you can shop online and find exceptional one-of-a-kind period jewelry pieces and buy vintage jewelry for yourself or as distinct gifts for others. The world of antique, estate, and vintage jewelry is full of surprises particularly in the domain of vintage engagement rings.

Our collection of vintage jewelry offers items for every taste and budget, including:

  • Vintage Jewelry
  • Vintage Men’s Jewelry
  • Vintage Bridal Jewelry
  • Vintage Wedding Jewelry
  • Vintage Gold Jewelry
  • Vintage Fine Jewelry
  • Vintage Platinum Jewelry
  • Vintage Pearl Jewelry

We carry a wide range of vintage rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, watches, and more! If you are searching for some specific vintage items that we may not have, we will certainly do our utmost to procure the items for you.

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