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Antique Earrings

The subtle sheen of a pearl, set in a teardrop cluster of diamonds, nestled against your hair. The rich blue of sapphires dangling from princess-cut diamond earrings. Or, for a dramatic and unmistakable burst of color, a set of diamond, ruby, sapphire and emerald gems set in an authentic golden crescent.

Each antique earring is wound with its own intricate design and a lingering sense of history. Our extensive selection of luxury items has a little something for every style savant. Their antique style means every piece is older than 100 years, and their timeless beauty is reflected in a multitude of subtle ways. Each cut, style and gemstone reveals the piece's age and value, adding a classic charm.

Keep each pair of earrings era-appropriate with a timeless ensemble — or give a modern outfit a hearken to a time gone by — by adding antique earrings as the statement piece.

Antique Clip-back Diamond Earrings

Our clip-back earring collection is limited edition and one of a kind. Each piece is authentic and well-preserved, allowing for the unique style of an antique without the typical wear and tear of age. Each has its own intricate design that will leave an impression on all who glimpse it. Take the Estate Floral Diamond Sapphire Gold Italian Clip-Back Earrings. Crafted in the shape of three-petal flower heads, the earrings are paved with rough-cut diamonds and yellow sapphires.

These earrings may be comparatively smaller than a dangling pair, but they are by no means any less impressive.

Antique Dangle Drop Bejeweled Earrings

Dangle drop earrings are the classic fashion statement of their time. Long, lustrous and sparkling with diamonds, these authentic jewelry pieces are exquisite. Our Antique Etruscan Revival Diamond Seed Pearl Pendant Gold Earrings seem to come straight from 1920s Hollywood, inspired by a dashing era of fame, celebrity and glorious soirées.

Antique Diamond Stud Earrings

Our antique stud earring collection puts a modern twist on the antique style with jewelry sourced from around the world. Our Estate Italian 18K Yellow Gold Clip-Back Stud Earrings are bold and beautiful, gleaming in solid 18K yellow gold with overlapping shining circular centers. For a classic diamond and pearl combination, our Estate Starburst Diamond Pearl Platinum Earrings are the perfect burst of sparkling sunshine. Round and pear-cut diamonds surround a richly cultured, glimmering white pearl in a look reminiscent of night stars circling a full moon.

Vintage Retro Earrings

Alongside an exquisite array of antique items, our earring collection also includes modern and retro options. Earrings such as the Tiffany & Co Wild Rose Flower 18K Clip-On Earrings circa 2000 offer a vibrant and enchanting take on a classic look. Keep your personal collection alive and primed for any occasion with a few statement pieces from across the era.

Whether your preferred style is subtle and sweet or you have a flair for a dramatic sweeping piece, our antique earring collection has the perfect one-of-a-kind fit for you. Adorn yourself with one of our genuine jewelry pieces for a taste of a time gone by. Celebrate the century past with this little touch of elegance. You'll find these antique earrings the elegant finishing touch to your ensemble of the evening.

Why You Can Trust Dover Jewelry

Dover Jewelry & Diamonds provides a safe and easy solution for selling your Fine Jewelry, High-End Designer Gems and Luxury Timepieces. Since its founding in 1985, Dover has helped thousands of individuals worldwide in the selling of their vintage and contemporary Jewelry.

Trust, integrity and professionalism have come to define our reputation. Our staff of certified gemologists and gem specialists ensures that every single piece is of the highest quality. We work alongside our clientele to make each vision come true.

Each of our jewelry items is GIA-certified, with each piece — from antique to retro-modern — undergoing intensive scrutiny before each purchase. We also offer appraisal and evaluation services to make sure you're 100% satisfied with your experience.

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Every pair of antique earrings we sell is carefully inspected and repaired if necessary. Each purchase is accompanied by a professional Certificate of Appraisal to ensure you know your item is of the highest genuine quality. For more information or help purchasing antique earrings, contact us, send us an email or call us toll free at 1-877-777-6111.

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