consignWhere Can I Consign My Jewelry, Diamond Rings, Gold, Engagement Rings & Watches in Miami?

Dover Jewelry & Diamonds is the Online Leader for Consignments of Fine Jewelry & Pre-Owned Watches.

The Gem Specialist Team at Dover Jewelry sells to over 35,000 customers on a number of various e-commerce platforms online such as eBay, 1stDibs, Amazon, Etsy and is recognized as one of America’s premier and most reputable Fine Jewelry & Estate Buyers & Sellers. Over the past 25 years, Dover Jewelry & Diamonds has helped Thousands in the selling of their Vintage & Contemporary Unwanted Jewelry  & Pre-Owned Watches.

“Consignment offers the incentive of a higher price when sold  and the ability to Showcase your Jewelry in front of Millions of Global Viewers”

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We Sell Fast

Most Items Sell within 1 week to thousands of eBay  Luxury Shoppers Online reaching a World Wide Market.

We Pay More

Earn Up To 80% of the Sale Price


Over the past 25 years, Dover Jewelry & Diamonds, located in the heart of the Miami Diamond District, has helped Thousands in the selling of their fine jewelry.

We Are Now ebay's Exclusive Consignment Seller

Whether you’re a Collector,  Dealer or have just inherited or purchased collectibles, put the expertise of Dover Jewelry & Diamond’s Consignment Sellers to work for you today,
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1-2-3 ….. It’s That Easy

Email a short description of the item and any relevant information about your jewelry to [email protected], along with contact information.

Our Dover Consignment specialists will review your submission, and respond to you within 7 business days.

If accepted, we will then provide you with further details in arranging shipment to our headquarters in Miami.

How Has Dover Maintained its 100% Titanium Feedback Rating on eBay of Over 35,000 Customers?


Our in-house team of gemologists & appraisers prepare & process your Jewelry, showcasing them on a eBay’s Global Marketplace in view of millions of luxury shoppers allowing the consignor to follow its sale from start to finish.


We consistently achieve the highest prices for sellers, and procure the lowest “Consignment Fee” rate (as low as 20% ) in the Jewelry Industry. Dover has a proven track record in achieving prices that meet or exceed your expectations.


Consignment offers the incentive of a higher price when sold, and Dover’s Trained Professionals will have your item ready for market in view of thousands of luxury shoppers online within 1 week. Liquidation of your unwanted Jewelry & Pre-Owned watches provides for Hassle-Free selling in the fastest possible time frame.

Lowest Consignment Fees

Dover Jewelry incurs ALL your selling fees, prepares your jewelry for sale, showcases it in its finest form on a Global Marketplace and takes care of ALL aspects of its sale and shipment to its new home.

Some Tips for Understanding Your Jewelry:

How Do I Consign My Jewelry?

We consider both the type of work you are selling and the tastes of collectors around the world. With hundreds of sales every year, we are able to recommend the best auction to achieve the highest price for your property. We will explain the advantages of selecting one program over another and the most suitable time to sell your pieces.

Why Should I Consign Fine Jewelry?

We consistently achieve the highest prices for sellers, and procure the lowest “Consignment Fee” rate (as low as 20% ) in the Jewelry Industry. Dover has a proven track record in achieving prices that meet or exceed your expectations.

Where is Dover Located?

Based in Miami’s Diamond District for over 25 years, Dover Jewelry’s expert Master Jeweler, GIA gemologist, and globally procured customer service team maintain a passion for the rare and exceptional.

How Do I Arrange Shipping?

Dover Jewelry can help you arrange to have your property delivered to our Offices in Miami. For assistance, please contact our high-end jewelry consignment team at 1-877.744.8049 for details. As the consignor, you are responsible for packing, shipping and insurance charges.

Who Can Help Me?

Should you need assistance consigning or selling one item, or an entire collection, we invite you to contact one of our jewelry specialists to discuss your unique Consignment possibilities at 1-877-777-6111.

Selling Basics

Dover Jewelry can guide you through the entire auction process. Once we have determined that your property is appropriate for sale at auction, our specialists will orchestrate every detail, from cataloging your property and marketing it to prospective buyers worldwide. In some cases, we will contact you to arrange an appointment to gather further details. You may also make an appointment to bring your property to Dover’s Main Offices in Miami. If your property is not appropriate for a Dover Auction, we will recommend an alternative place for sale.

What Can I Sell?

Dover provides Global selling opportunities on over 1/2 dozen e-commerce platforms, providing the greatest resale market price & opportunities. We welcome Antique or Contemporary Jewelry items in all forms of Gold & Platinum, with or without precious and semi precious stones as well as signed/designer jewelry. Men’s and Ladies Fine Watches, Signed Sterling Silver Jewelry.


For sold lots, we will send payment within 35 days from the day of the sale, provided we are in receipt of the buyer’s payment. Your payment will be based on the closing price less Dover’s commission and any agreed-upon expenses.


How Do I Know If My Jewelry Is Gold or Not?

The purest gold is 24 karats. Variations such as 10 karat (equals 10/24 purity .410) and the remaining balance of the weight are the alloys

14K - .583 and 18k - .750 Platinum, a truly coveted metal in Antique and Estate jewelry is ordinarily 90% pure with 10% alloy. Silver, primarily sterling is .925 pure.

What Determines the Value of My Jewelry?

Antique Jewelry is highly collectible and Requires the guidance of a Certified Gemologist to achieve it highest resale value. Estate is a general term used to describe previously owned which is also extremely desirable to those who are looking to purchase a Fine piece of Jewelry at a discounted rate, since it is not “Brand New”.

Remember, Jewelry is a “style driven” industry and the Classics will always yield the greatest return. Something as simple as a pair of Pearl Studs has remained a trendsetter over the centuries. Knowing the true qualities of your jewelry can mean the difference of hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Each piece of consignment Jewelry is completely evaluated, authenticated and tested by Dover’s Team of GIA gemologists and master jewelers prior to its sale.










Updated: 10/18/2019

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