Set Descending Direction
CARTIER Diamond Platinum Wedding Band Ring
$13,175.00 Reduced From $15,500.00
Vintage Diamond Platinum  cocktail or Engagement Ring
$7,055.00 Reduced From $8,300.00
CARTIER 4.33 Yellow Diamond GIA Platinum Ring
$123,250.00 Reduced From $145,000.00

Diamond: April Birthstone

Once reserved exclusively for royalty, diamond has, in the course of time, been accessible to the public at large, and associated with invincibility and strength, it has also assumed the status of the 'King of Gems'. The diamond as the April birthstone is the most coveted gemstone to date. Deemed as 'King of all Birthstones', diamonds make the ideal choice not only for an engagement ring but also for an April birthday gift.

According to an often quoted mythical legend, the God of Mines from a certain pantheon summoned his court and ordered them to bring him rubies, sapphires, and emeralds, i.e. the most precious of gems then in existence. He had the precious gems crushed into powder, mixing them together, over which he said, “Let this be converted in to something combining the beauty of all; yet to be absolutely be pure and invincible.” Thus the DIAMOND was born......