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Vintage Retro Jade Yellow Gold Long Necklace
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Man Men 1960's Collection

  The 1960’s were undeniably a celebration of radiance and majestic style. An era of women’s fashion innovation brought us iconic housewife couture. Along with this came exceptionally crafted jewelry, timeless pieces that defined status. They were boisterous, declarative and utterly unforgettable.

  Mad Men a show aired on AMC directed by Matthew Weiner and outstandingly styled by Janie Bryant, enchantingly portrays the glamorous lives of early 1960’s New York big advertising firms. About 8 years ago the Mad Men team reached out to us at Dover Jewelry regarding the diamond engagement ring Don Draper proposes to Megan with. Our vintage expertise and collection allowed us to provide the tv show with the perfect Art Deco diamond ring for the occasion. You can catch a glimpse of the stunning vintage wedding ring in the episode titled “Tomorrowland”.

   Today we are inspired by the timeless beauty of the ‘Mad Men’ era, we have curated an exclusive collection for the month of August. Indulge in decadence as we put ourselves in the shoes of the 1960’s elite. Our collection features a diamond riviera necklace, stunning vintage engagement rings, perfectly preserved wrist watches and glimmering diamond drop earrings. For those of you looking to merge the 60’s with your weekend getaway we have added bold coral and turquoise pieces as well. Don was not forgotten, this month will celebrate him with a carefully curated page of cufflinks fit for the man of the hour.

     We invite you to spoil yourself in our exclusive Mad Men collection.