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Celebrating The Pantone Color of 2021 - Illuminating

Contact Dover Jewelry Dover Jewelry is proud to Celebrate this exciting New Year with the newly announced Pantone 2021 Color “Illuminating”. Ordinarily, the trends we see in color are influenced by major cultural changes, lifestyles, and industry trends “Color influences can come from art, upcoming media, movies, lifestyles, socioeconomic and political conditions, travel destinations, new technology”

Illuminating is best represented in Fine Jewelry with the Inspirational Happiness of Yellow Diamonds, Bright Yellow Sapphires, and the fortitude of yellow gold.

"A message of Happiness, and that everything is going to be brighter" - especially with the tremendous weight of 2020, these Bright and Optimistic trends are a wonderful gateway into the new year. Hopes of Good Health, coming out of the dark and rejuvenation, with hopes of finally taking a breath of fresh air. 

Bling of Sunshine is what we all need in 2021, and a sparkle of the most commonly known "Natural Fancy Yellow" color diamonds, which get their color attributes from nitrogen molecules, will give us all a little bounce in our step.