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Choosing a Sapphire Engagement Ring for your Loved One

Aside from the romance of your chosen piece is the monetary value. Hopefully, this ring will be your lifeline to happiness. Each time you look at it on her finger you should feel the joy of possession, the pride of ownership. In choosing your sign of commitment, your engagement ring, please consider several factors in making your decision. 

  • Color of your choice
  • The purity of the stone
  • The paucity of imperfections which we call inclusions 
  • The cut is very important to bring out the luster
  • Depth of color 
  • The ring setting 

Since she will have this treasure for many many years, think about the setting in terms of style that will last and not tire as opposed to more trendy offerings which can fall under the hammer of fashion changes. Choose this gift of love carefully and may all the blessings of sapphire illuminate your life together.

As you make this important decision, consult with a team of expert gemologist for advice on this precious stone.

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