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How to tell a Real Sapphire from a Synthetic or Fake One?

There is nothing more disheartening than to discover that your treasured sapphire jewelry is fake.

Perhaps you inherited a beautiful-looking sapphire ring or earrings, and you want to find out its value – or you were given sapphire jewelry as a gift but are suspicious about its authenticity. Learn from our team of GIA gemologists and Master jewelers what to look for in authenticating these rich sapphire beauties.

Dover carries a wide selection of sapphire jewelry, much of it non-heat-treated, which makes it that much more desirable as a piece of Fine Investment Jewelry.

Sapphires are one of the most highly prized colored gemstones on earth and the demand for them is only increasing. While natural sapphire rings are the most valuable and coveted, there is nothing wrong with a synthetic sapphire, as long as you are not over-charged for something that is actually ‘man-made.”

If you have sapphire jewelry, the best way to be one hundred percent sure of your sapphire’s authenticity is to have it examined by a professional jeweler, who can look at it under a loupe.

At Dover, we have a team of GIA Gemologists on Brickell Ave. Master Jewelers and Jewelry Experts who can tell you if your stone is natural, synthetic, or fake. If you would like to sell it, our internationally recognized team of Jewelry consignment experts can give you a fair market value and handle all the arrangements for its sale.

Contact Dover Jewelry to learn more about this exquisite jewel and help you find the gemstone of your dreams, or visit us in our Brickell Miami Showroom to view the sapphire of your dream in person!