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Men's Cufflinks

As  part of ‘Men’s jewelry’, we do offer  carefully selected cufflinks, oftentimes those designed by Cartier, Van Cleel & Arpels and the like. Some of our valued clients from throughout the world have added to their collection of designer cufflinks by viewing our website regularly and contacting us whenever they encounter  our newly launched designer cufflinks.

Cuff-links became a common accessory in men’s apparel by the end of the 18th century. Ordinarily cuffs were held together with ribbons, as were collars. Members of the court adorned their wrists with ornate fabric frills as they did in formal evening settings. But the everyday man tended to secure his shirt sleeve with a button.

By the 19th century aristocracy sported dark suits and dinner jackets, along with fine shirt cuffs in a stiffer fabric - thus the cuff-link was born.

Gemstones with rich colors and even decorative Faberge cuff-links propelled this sophisticated, inexpensive item into an acceptable piece of jewelry for men.