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Wearing a Vintage Brooch

Brooches can bring that extra burst of color and personality to any ensemble. Known for being bright, bold and beautiful, each brooch has a signature style and story. Once the finishing touch to any formal outfit, brooches have now fallen out of popular common use. Rather than making them outdated, this trend away from brooches means any wearer will stand out from the crowd, causing others to wonder how they can also embody this vintage look.

Brooches can pin perfectly onto virtually any part of your wardrobe — from hats and purses to scarves, lapels and dresses — making them a closet staple. If you browse through our vintage brooch collection, you'll see an array of unique choices, each dating back at least 50 years for a touch of classic elegance. Quirky, vibrant pins such as the Vintage Ruby Diamond Yellow Gold Cat Animal Pin Brooch or the Frascarolo Vintage Enamel Dog Diamond 18K Gold Brooch Pin will give a whimsical spin to your outfit while providing a classy vintage feel.

The gorgeous diamond-studded Vintage Large Floral Diamond Platinum Lapel Brooch and the Antique Art Deco Diamond Sapphire Platinum Pin Brooch can offer a less colorful, but just as stunningly noticeable, touch.

Our collection also includes several one-of-a-kind art-deco-inspired brooches. One of these unmissable pieces will become your statement piece, as they combine an age-old style with a sharp modern twist, complete with beautiful sets of multi-colored gems.

Whichever clothing item you choose to pin it on, add a Dover Jewelry & Diamonds brooch for a nod back to an era gone by. You'll be amazed at the difference a small set of jewels pinned to your clothes can do for your look — and your confidence.

Vintage Pins and Brooches for Sale

The key to dating antique or estate and vintage brooches and pins is to look at the clasp and hinge on the back of the pin or brooch. Antique jewelry is over 100 years old and pins and brooches from the Victorian period (from 1837 -1901) feature T-bar pins, C-clasps, and trombone clasps. Safety clasps were not invented until around 1910, during the Arts and Crafts period, and are essentially C-clasps with a closure.

At Dover Jewelry in Miami Florida, we always recommend that you view the back clasp and hinge before purchasing antique, estate or vintage pins and brooches online. You’ll find that many of our unique antique and vintage pins and brooches feature diamonds and precious gemstones such as emerald, ruby, sapphire and topaz stones. Discover stunning platinum and gold antique and estate pins, brooches and pendants that showcase the artistry of renowned jewelry designers like Garavelli, Mark Patterson, Elizabeth Locke, Tiffany & Co, and Cartier. The value and craftsmanship is beyond compare.

Dover Jewelry inspects, repairs and appraises every antique, estate and vintage piece of jewelry we sell.  Contact us if you have any questions or need help purchasing antique pins, estate brooches, or vintage pendants from our extensive online collection. Please call our antique jewelry experts anytime at 1-877-777-6111 or send us an email.