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The Timeless Appeal of Rubies.

The Symbolism Behind Rubies

Rubies have long been revered as symbols of passion and undying love, believed to carry the power to ignite the heart’s deepest desires. These gemstones are synonymous with warmth, vitality, and healing, making them a popular choice for couples on the verge of marriage.

Celebrity Ruby Rings: A Glimpse into Glamour

From royalty like the Duchess of York to icons like Victoria Beckham and Katy Perry, ruby engagement rings have adorned the fingers of many celebrated personalities, showcasing their timeless appeal and unique beauty.

The Enduring Strength of Rubies

Assessing Ruby Durability for Daily Wear

Rubies are not only beautiful but also incredibly durable, scoring a 9 on the Mohs Hardness Scale. This makes them suitable for everyday wear, resistant to abrasions and capable of withstanding mild acids, though care should be taken to protect them from harsh chemicals.

Distinguishing Real from Fake: Ruby Authenticity

Understanding the properties of genuine rubies, from their resistance to damage to the nuances of heat treatment, is crucial for potential owners. Authentic rubies maintain their integrity and beauty over time, making them ideal for engagement rings.

Rubies are resistant to abrasions, so if you can leave a mark with a knife or with your fingernail on its surface, it is fake. How can you tell a Real vs Fake Ruby? read more here.

Mild acids such as lemon juice can damage a ruby, especially if it has fractures or is a dyed stone. Keep it protected from household cleaners and other high acidic substances.

Both heat treated and untreated rubies are durable, though stones that have lattice diffusion treatment to enhance their color have varying degrees of durability. Dover Jewelry & Diamonds always discloses any heat-treated stones.

Choosing the Perfect Ruby

Color and Clarity: The Heart of a Ruby’s Beauty

The ideal ruby exhibits a vibrant red to purplish hue, with the most prized color being “pigeon’s blood.” While flawless rubies are rare, the presence of minor inclusions can authenticate the stone’s natural origins without detracting from its allure. If the stone is too light, it may be a pink sapphire.

Rubies with no flaws or inclusions are practically non-existent, so you can expect to see some minor imperfections. Typical ruby inclusions are called ‘needles’ and when they are present in groups it is called ‘silk.’ Obvious inclusions lower a ruby’s value, however.

Shapes, Cuts, and Settings: Crafting Your Dream Ring

From classic rounds and ovals to unique pear and cushion cuts, the shape of a ruby can significantly impact the ring’s overall appearance. Settings such as halo, three-stone, and vintage designs each add their own touch of elegance, perfectly complementing the ruby’s natural beauty.

The most common shapes of rubies are rounds and ovals, which pair perfectly surrounded by diamonds. Pear-shaped rubies are unique-looking and eye catching. Emerald-cut rubies feature a rectangular cut with step facets. Princess-cut rubies are square or rectangular with sharp corners for a modern, geometric look. Cushion-cut rubies have rounded corners and larger facets for a more romantic, vintage look.

  • Halo: A larger central ruby surrounded by a halo of smaller white diamonds is a classic look for an engagement ring. The deep red color of the ruby is complemented perfectly by the diamonds surrounding it. Here is a non-heat-treated 7.75 carat double halo ruby and diamond ring .
  • Classic Three-Stone: Pairing the larger ruby with two smaller diamonds on either side is said to represent the past, present and future of your relationship. The newer combination of a central larger white diamond surrounded by two smaller rubies is also very attractive.
  • Vintage: Antique or vintage settings often feature delicate filigree work, pavé diamonds giving the ring a romantic look. Here is a vintage, Art Deco style diamond and ruby and platinum ring

The Role of Precious Metals in Ruby Engagement Rings

Matching Rubies with the Right Metal

Rubies are flexible in terms of which precious metal looks best. Combined with diamonds, rubies look stunning set in platinum, which is highly durable and has the added benefit of being hypoallergenic; white gold is also a great choice as it complements the brilliance of the diamonds and the vibrance of the rubies. However, white gold requires periodic rhodium plating to maintain its white appearance; yellow gold is timeless and adds warmth and richness to the ring; rose gold gives the ring a romantic, feminine feel.

No matter your design preference, a ruby and diamond engagement ring is a wonderful choice. Its uniqueness, romantic symbolism, durability and long-term investment potential are almost second to none.

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