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Antique wedding bands are made in different styles, out of precious metals distinct in color and purity. They can be designed and crafted with or without diamonds or colored gemstones.

Irrespective of these differences, you will be inclined to follow your personal preferences for styles when selecting your wedding rings.

Here are some basic questions you should ask yourself when picking vintage antique wedding bands for you and your future spouse.

Should A Married Couple’s Wedding Bands Match Each Other?

Matching his and her antique wedding bands was popular in decades past but it seems to be a lost tradition as personal style preferences change. Often, men seek out a stronger, more scratch-resistant metal that is not commonly found in a ladies antique wedding band. Also there are more options when it comes to shopping for antique weddings rings and there are new acceptable ways to “mix and match” wedding bands to get a unique matching set.  If you are still set on matching, consider his and hers antique wedding bands from the same time period. For instance, maybe you will both find Art Deco antique wedding bands from 1915 to 1935 inspired by Egyptian, Greek, and Roman architecture.

Should Wedding Bands Match The Engagement Rings?

The rule for matching women’s antique wedding bands with an engagement ring is that the two should complement each other, whether in shape, materials, style, design, or even gemstones. This opens the door to a much wider range of selection because you can find any number of authentic antique wedding bands that are suitable even if they are not an exact match. You can be as personal and creative as you want when it comes to coordinating wedding ring styles.

Should I Choose White Gold, Yellow Gold, Or Platinum?

You can base this decision on personal preference and style or can do further research to learn more about the cost, care, durability, and other benefits of each precious metal.

  • White gold antique wedding bands are among the most popular, made of yellow gold that has been alloyed with metals like nickel or zinc to give it its white color.
  • Yellow gold antique wedding bands are usually 14K or 18K.
  • Platinum antique wedding bands are very low-maintenance, strong, and hypoallergenic.
  • 2 Toned Platinum antique wedding bands are accented with yellow gold.
  • White and yellow gold antique wedding bands have unique visual interest.
  • Rose gold antique wedding bands contain copper, which gives it a warm romantic hue.

Do You Want An Antique Wedding Band With Diamonds for Extra Bling?

If a simple antique wedding band is too plain then opt for diamond antique wedding bands that are instantly more luxurious than a basic wedding ring. You’ll find antique wedding rings with a variety of diamond settings including channel, pave, and hammer set. Incorporating diamonds into the wedding band is also a practical decision as diamonds help prevent the ring from being scratched, dulled and scuffed over time.

Do I Add Extra Colored Gemstones?

If you opt for adding gemstones, your choice is all about personal taste. While white diamonds are the most popular choice, you can also opt for fancy diamonds or contrasting gemstones, such as green Emeralds, blue Sapphires, or red Rubies.

Will I Add An Anniversary Band?

One final consideration is whether or not you want to add an anniversary band to your wedding ring set down the road. The anniversary band is typically given on the first anniversary and is worn above the engagement ring. The anniversary wedding band can either match the wedding ring or complement the existing wedding ring set. Many women like this option because they can wear the antique anniversary band on its own when wearing the full engagement and wedding ring set is impractical, such as when on vacation or while pregnant.

Extra Considerations for Finding Men’s Antique Wedding Bands

It may seem like most of the above options apply primarily to women’s antique wedding bands and engagement rings and that most of the emphasis is placed on her. However, there are still several important considerations for choosing an antique wedding band for him:

  • Can he wear the wedding band while working?
  • Will manual labor scuff the ring?
  • Will he wear the wedding ring every day?
  • Does he want a bold antique wedding ring that makes a statement, or a more traditional antique wedding ring?
  • What thickness of band does he want? A masculine wide antique wedding band is popular for men as it is more proportional to the finger size.

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