Sapphire Earrings

Sapphire, the Intense Blue of Desire

Deriving its name from the Greek word ‘sapphirus’ Sapphire is the birthstone for September and the gemstone traditionally given for a fifth, twenty-third or forty-fifth wedding anniversary. The cool blue sapphire marks the season’s shift from summer to autumn.  To those born in the transitional month of September, it is thought to harness relaxing energy and clear the mind, and by so doing, protecting its wearer from fraud, envy, and ill health.

To that gentleman at the point of proposing: Do those words excite you? Does the radiance of a striking blue Sapphire signify her unforgettable personality, her warmth and wit, her special laugh you love to hear? The smile in her eyes when you surprise her? Does the radiance of Sapphire match her unique flair? When others cast their eye about is she the woman they notice?  If she is that Sapphire woman, here is everything you should know.

Where do Sapphires Come From

Sapphires, September Birthstones, are found in several countries, Burma, Kashmir and Sri Lanka. As to value, the most pure of the blue is that which America loves and brings the highest price. Kashmir was traditionally the place where Sapphires of cornflower blue were mined however, the mines were eventually depleted and other countries were explored. In fact,the largest Sapphire was found in Sri Lanka. It weighed a monstrous 1,404 carats. Generally, people are unaware that there is more than one color of Sapphires.  Apart from the traditional vibrant blue, sapphire has been found in pink, green, orange and purple.

The Romantic History of Sapphire

Some interesting facts about sapphires include their romantic history. In ancient Persia, it was believed that the earth sat on a huge stone, its blue color the actual source of the blue sky. In the Middle Ages, sapphires were worn by priests to shield them from temptation. Because of that, and down through history, sapphires have been a symbol of fidelity. Superstitious people stared at the stone believing if its color changed it was a sign one’s spouse was straying. History also tells us that Charlemagne’s wife even kept a sapphire talisman to secure her husband’s devotion. 

You can now imagine the power of love represented in this exquisite ring, the birthstone of September. To those whose birthday falls in September, known as the month that gives the year a rejuvenating purpose, sapphire is famed to hold special significance. It is reported to summon renewed energy, clear the perplexing cobwebs that clutter the mind and serve as a guard to the wearer against fraud, envy and ill health. And as an added reassurance it is said the sapphire refuses to shine for the unchaste or the impure.

Choosing a Sapphire Engagement Ring for your Loved One

Aside from the romance of your chosen piece is the monetary value. Hopefully, this ring will be your lifeline to happiness. Each time you look at it on her finger you should feel the joy of possession, the pride of ownership. In choosing your sign of commitment, your engagement ring, please consider several factors in making your decision. 

  • Color of your choice
  • The purity of the stone
  • The paucity of imperfections which we call inclusions 
  • The cut is very important to bring out the luster
  • Depth of color 
  • The ring setting 

Since she will have this treasure for many many years, think about the setting in terms of style that will last and not tire as opposed to more trendy offerings which can fall under the hammer of fashion changes. Choose this gift of love carefully and may all the blessings of sapphire illuminate your life together.

As you make this important decision, consult with a team of expert gemologist for advice on this precious stone. Dover Jewelry & Diamonds can assist at every step of the way. View our collection of September birthstones and wide selection of sapphire jewelry.