Vintage Opal Diamond Pendant Gold Earrings


“Opal & Tourmaline Gemstone Jewelry”

Together with tourmaline as alternate birthstone, the fascinating gemstone opal are the officially registered birthstone for the calendar month of October. Therefore, it is one of the most beautiful gemstones and striking because it has different shades of color. This gemstone stands out for its brightness and is the only one that can reflect the light and transform it into the colors of the rainbow.

Furthermore, the name opal derives from the Sanskrit word ‘upala’ translated as ‘valuable stone’. Also later from the Greek term ‘opallios’ meaning ‘color change’. The famous Roman author of the 1st Century AD Pliny defined it as ‘a gemstone. Which combines the best possible characteristics of the most beautiful gemstones, the rich purple of amethyst, the deep blue of sapphire, the gentle fire of ruby, the fine sparkle of almandine, the sea green of emerald and the golden yellow of topaz. All of which shine and sparkle in an inexplicable combination.

Throughout its history, this fascinating gem is symbolize as good fortune, a source of inspiration, and creativity for jewelry. October’s birthstone is a gem of positive transformation. Revealing the colorful attributes of those who wear it.

Influencing designers worldwide to design with this alluring gem. Connoisseurs in Melbourne, Australia believe that “there are no boundaries in working with the gemstone. As each variety of it has a mystery that evokes curiosity in a unique way.

In conclusion, almost 95% of the world’s opal are mine in Australia. With black opal from New South Wales, boulder opal from Queensland and light opal from South Australia. In addition, white opal are also produce in Brazil while Fire and crystal opal are found in Mexico and the United States. Much as, Ethiopia has become a significant source for the market since 2008.