The March Birthstone

The March birthstone with its enchanting nuances of mostly pastel blue color derives its name from Latin words ‘aqua’ and ‘marine’ meaning ‘water’ and ‘of the sea’ respectively. It is a member of the Beryl family, of which emerald is also a member. The aquamarine raw crystal has a beautiful turquoise blue color making it ideal for incorporating into jewelry designs. The gracious March birthstone is also the gemstone for the 19th wedding anniversary.

Aquamarine: A Gemstone with Special Healing Powers

Classified amongst the ‘healing crystals’ and called by many ‘a stone of courage and protection’ aquamarine is believed to encourage the clarity of thought, assist in the assimilation of new knowledge, help with reasoning and promote logic. As for its protecting power, aquamarine was once known as the seamen’s gemstone, who wore it to be protected during their sea voyage and to calm fears and anxieties. It is said to harness the naturally soothing spirit of the ocean and to capture the healing powers of what the ancient folklore once termed as ‘the treasure of Mermaids’. It helps to reconnect us to the water which is the origin of life on our Planet Earth.

Sources of Aquamarine

The widely popular gemstone aquamarine is mined in Brazil, Kenya, Madagascar, Zambia Sri Lanka, and the United States. The most valuable stones come from Brazil which is the world’s major source of fine aquamarine gems, the more widely known localities including Minas Gerais, Rio Grande do Norte, and others. The state of Minas Graes is where the well-known Santa Maria aquamarine was mined in 1950s. This category of aquamarine is of incomparable beauty and amongst the most valuable categories of aquamarine with unique color and transparency. Madagascar has more than 50 localities producing fine blue aquamarine, followed by the United States (San Diego county, California, Colorado, Connecticut and North Carolina).

Value & Buying Tips for Aquamarine

Aquamarine can be cut and is available in relatively large sizes and therefore there is no incremental increase of value based on gemstone’s carat weight. In other words, a large 20-carat aquamarine will be priced per carat the same as for example a 2-carat aquamarine of the same quality. Other factors particularly the translucence, and the depth of color usually determine the price of aquamarine.

Explore Dover Jewelry’s Aquamarine Collection

The aquamarine jewelry collection offered by Dover Jewelry & Diamonds encompasses a variety of styles and gemstone cuts from different eras. These include vintage necklaces and brooches with cushion-cut and emerald-cut aquamarines, bracelet with aquamarine cabochons, a most appealing Lavalier necklace with an aquamarine briolette and highly elegant earrings with oval-faceted aquamarines. The entire Aquamarine collection of Dover Jewelry & Diamonds, including unique designer items, is currently on promotion in celebration of March birthdays, and we welcome you to visit our site to learn more about this promotion event.