Ruby Diamond Ring

Choosing a ruby diamond ring for your engagement day is a great option. The ruby demand for engagement rings is increasing every day, this may be for the meanings that giving a ruby have. Ruby is considered as the “love stone”, many cultures believe that rubies help couples to be more passionate, increases their love, and also encourage the owner to give the his or her full potential in the relationship. For this reason rubies are becoming along diamonds the main option for many couples in the world for their engagement ring.

This decision may be hard, not all people are able to recognize a real ruby or don’t even know how much the cost of this jewellery piece. This is the main reason of why choosing a ruby diamond ring for your engagement is very difficult, here are some tips to easily recognize a real ruby from a fake one:

  • With a damp of cloth or a toothbrush clean the ruby, in order to remove any debris or marks. Then dig your fingernail into the gemstone to see if you can leave a scratch. If you can, it’s not a real ruby.
  • Scratch the ruby with a series of items, use a knife, sandpaper and a piece of glass, none of this elements should scratch the stone. If after the process there’s no noticeable effect, then the gem is likely to be real.
  • Rubies have a consistent clarity. If the stone is not the same clarity throughout, it may not be a real ruby.

(For more information about rubies and more tests in order to determine if  the stone on your ring is real or fake please read our entry: How to recognize real ruby from fake)

Ruby as a precious stone may surprise your beloved. It adds a nice contrast to the colors in the ruby diamond ring, the marvelous red glow of the ruby represents the flame of passion which combined with the elegance and stylish form of diamonds create together a good representation of your love-story; with this element we guarantee that you will obtain the “yes” that you’re waiting for.

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