loose diamonds

Time to know about loose diamonds

Loose diamonds ” are diamonds that have been specially cut and polished to be mounted on any engagement ring but remain separate until the customer wants. During the extraction of diamonds, the raw diamonds are classified according to their quality. Lower quality diamonds are also called industrial-grade diamonds and they are used to manufacture diamond- tipped drills and saws capable of cutting through almost any material, including diamonds. On the other hand, the finest are sent to cut and polish in specialized centers where it’s determined what shape is ideal for them. The final step occurs when expert craftsmen polish the diamonds so they are ready to be assembled.

Considering that mining and diamond polishing are complicated processes, many diamond producers have decided to artificially alter the color or clarity of the diamond in order to make it look more valuable. Therefore, it is important that when you are choosing a loose diamond you demand the quality certificate issued by a gemological laboratory like AGS, GIA or EGL. Laboratories are responsible for making a comprehensive assessment of each stone to make sure it is a quality natural diamond.

Specialized tools are used to insert loose diamonds in an engagement ring or other jewelry piece, guaranteeing a perfect work. Although most of the loose diamonds were thought to be destined to be assembled in engagement rings, they can also be included in earrings, pendants or any other type of diamond ring. Remember that when you buy a loose diamond you will get a more specific idea about the quality of the stone, as it is very difficult to hide imperfections if the stone is single