Vintage jewelry

Nervous, yet hopeful, Ian Ross knew what he wanted to ask, but he wasn’t sure how to say it. He stared into her eyes, knowing that the whole proposal was riding on this moment. “Can I have your vintage jewelry ring? Turns out Ross wasn’t proposing but rather asking his fiancée’s grandmother for her vintage engagement rings to marry her granddaughter Heidi.

Mr. Ross is among many young people who have turned to heirlooms and other antique jewelry pieces for more meaningful and significant alternatives to newer diamonds and wedding bands. Family members often pass down these rings as a sign of respect and affection.

“I knew her love for vintage jewelry pieces, in fact, everything that is vintage and has a history behind it.” That’s how Ross explains how he got the idea to propose to his fiancée, Heidi Frings, with her grandmother’s ring. “Her mother mentioned me the vintage jewelry collection that Heidi’s grandmother had and how it would be a great idea to propose with one of those symbolic pieces.”

A new trend is born

There is a good reason why more young couples are turning to the family jewelry box. While this generation is certainly burdened with excessive debt and shortage of opportunities, a lot of millennials are into vintage and antique jewelry because they are truly unique pieces that transmit the kind of exclusivity and sophistication that can’t be found in more current jewels.

Also, in a world where mass production is the standard way to create and deliver products, there is a growing tendency to return to more traditional and specific ways of consuming, reason why the market for the unique craftsmanship and designs that antique pieces showcase is booming.

“Besides, vintage pieces are simply stunning,” adds Heidi, showing the European-cut diamond ring in her hand. “You want to have a piece that no one else will have and that it’s not like those boring halo rings that you can find in your everyday mom-and-pop jewelry store. Vintage is something that’s rare and one of a kind.”

Vintage market opportunities

Many retailers are seizing the opportunity and have started catering to that spirit of personalization and non-uniform individuality that finds antique and vintage style totally relatable.

For example, vintage weddings are becoming increasingly popular for the exact same reasons that people like vintage jewelry, and vintage gowns are the perfect opportunity for brides to add a little hint of modernity to classic and glamorous designs. Not counting the breathtaking vintage jewelry earrings, bracelets or necklaces that are increasingly accessorizing the newly-found and loyal vintage jewelry market.