Vintage Jewelry

Being a housewife is not an easy task but it cannot be an excuse to look underdressed or sporty style all the time. Women who work at home have the right to necklaces or any kind of vintage jewelry, even with the simplest clothes. These are some of the vintage gems that you can choose to your vintage jewelry while you’re cleaning the house, taking care of children or in the garden with flowers.

First you should avoid wearing rings , as these are usually very delicate and can be caught easily in various parts of the house, so with long necklaces , look beautiful with a cute dress, but for the home are not suitable . Also avoid earrings that are very long, because children love them and can hurt to pull them. You should choose short vintage jewelry, like stud earrings or bracelets.

Home is best to use very simple type pin earrings, rings or small, these must also be made ​​of metals such as silver or platinum that better resist sweat and water. If you want to use some sort of necklace, opt for those short and no higher than the base of the neck. The important thing is to let your imagination and be a little creative, so you can wear your jewelry even while at home wheter vintage or estate