Turquoise Jewelry


Turquoise jewelry: Purity and Happiness

The turquoise is one of the most beautiful stones, which can be found in a range of celestial colors from blue, through green aqua to light blue. Jewelry made with this precious stone is known to possess a pure and uplifting energy. This precious stone has been prized for centuries in different cultures from Persian to America. Thanks to its power, for years it has been believed that turquoise can give protection against negativity and also a great connection with all the elements of nature. Today we will teach you about the meaning of turquoise jewelry.

In feng shui turquoise is widely used for its beautiful appearance and because it represents the element of water. It also has the function of being curative and a magnet for wealth and money, just as it is believed to improve health and wellness. Jewelry made with turquoise works as an excellent choice for children’s rooms, office or family room as it is ideal to calm tensions and maintain harmony.

According to the feng shui tradition, there are several places on which to position turquoise jewelry depending on what you want to achieve from it. For example, for  wealth, this stone should be placed in the area of money, which is the southeast area of your home or office; in this case you can locate a gem in a feng shui tree that holds a turquoise and additions of gold. To improve the health and well-being, you should use the stone in a pendant or brooch close to your heart and you will attract the best energies that nature can give you.