December 7, 2020

Estate Jewelry Eras

Estate jewelry enhances your collection with sophisticated and stylish accessories. If you’ve searched for vintage or antique pieces before, you know there are many design periods throughout history to admire. You may prefer one style or select items across eras for your collection. Either way, purchasing vintage and antique accessories can be simpler when you […]

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October 26, 2020

Shopping Big: Selecting Your Vintage and Estate Statement Jewelry

Imagine holding a beautiful part of history in your hands. With vintage jewelry, you do just that. Picture past owners and the outfits these pieces accented. When you select vintage statement jewelry, you add a whole new layer to your accessories. Large gemstones, unique shapes, intriguing motifs and diamond-studded surfaces are only the beginning of […]

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How to sell your jewelry
August 5, 2020

How to Sell Your Jewelry

When selling part of your jewelry collection, you want to be sure you receive its true monetary value. Whether you’re making room for new pieces or selling jewelry for extra cash, consider these commonly asked questions before putting your estate jewelry on the market. When Should I Sell My Jewelry Pieces? People will always have […]

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March 31, 2020

Red Carpet Jewelry Trends

As the world looks forward to a new decade, jewelry trends are looking back at the Roaring ’20s for inspiration. The glam, art deco styles of the age of flappers and speakeasies are getting a 21st-century makeover and making their mark as contenders for the best red carpet jewelry. From diamonds to colorful gemstones, old […]

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value in jewelry
February 10, 2020

Finding the Value in Fine Jewelry

Jewelry and gemstones have been part of human culture for generations. Whether in the form of gold or rubies, these beautiful pieces have held significant value and meaning for us. These adornments represent status, love or fertility, signify commitments, milestones or lineage and serve as art, an offering or a trophy. Because of its tremendous […]

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Antique Jewelry
November 12, 2019

Antique Jewelry and Topaz, everything you need to know.

Are you enticed by the oncoming of fall, the cool invigorating breezes? It’s time to fold up shorts and think about pants and soft sweaters, jackets and scarves, closed shoes boot, and yes even gloves. Do you envision cornucopia filled with colorful gourds? And maybe it’s time to think of jewelry to complement those radiant […]

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