Consign My Jewelry
June 4, 2021

Consign Your Unwanted Jewelry!

Why consign? Life’s challenges often seem never-ending. Relationships change and you both decide to get a divorce. You are offered your dream job in a distant city. Family members move away, and you decide to sell your house and move with them. You inherit an estate from your grandmother. You need to build your cash […]

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May 13, 2021

Emerald. Birthstone Gifts at Different Price Points

Those of you lucky enough to be born in May,  have a fascinating birthstone; the emerald.  If you are looking to buy an emerald for a loved one born in May, we have an outstanding collection from which to choose the perfect gift. History The oldest emeralds are estimated to be some 2.97 billion years […]

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Estate 15.07 Carats Natural Fancy yellow Radiant Diamond 18K Gold Ring
May 12, 2021

California & Georgia Are Going “Yellow”

Stunningly different, yellow diamonds look extravagant – yet can be relatively affordable. Our clients in California and Georgia attend a variety of top-level charity events. After all, LA is the home of Hollywood – and the movie industry has always given back generously to numerous charitable causes across the years. Similarly, Georgians love a big […]

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Art Deco Jewelry
May 5, 2021

Antique & Vintage Jewelry: Considering A Collection

How (& Why) To Start A Collection What is Considered Antique? Antique Jewelry is 100 years old or more. Vintage Jewelry is generally more than 20-25 years old. Estate Jewelry means it was pre-owned and was part of someone’s estate. Why Collect Antique Jewelry? Collecting antique jewelry can be a rewarding and exciting experience. You […]

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CARTIER Double "C" 56.20 ct Diamond Gold Choker Necklace
April 21, 2021

What Type of Jewelry Is the Best Asset?

If you are interested in buying and collecting vintage or antique jewelry, you can make it a potentially valuable part of your asset portfolio. Global appeal and portability–Some investors and estate jewelry collectors are looking for creative alternatives where they can diversify their assets. Men, as well as women, are increasingly directing their investing efforts […]

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Estate Rose Cut Diamond 18K Gold Edwardian Style Link Necklace
April 15, 2021

Engagement Rings – How to Tell Real Diamonds from Fake Ones

How to tell if a diamond is real or not When you purchase a diamond, you want to make sure you are getting what you’ve paid for – especially if it is part of an engagement ring. Starting out your married life together with a ring you later discover is a fake is devastating. There […]

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