Druzy Stones

Natural tendencies begin to prevail in this season especially in the form of druzy stones. Druzy refers to thin glass coating which is on the surfaces of rock as agate, it becomes semi-precious stones. This type of jewelry gives a natural glow that contrasts perfectly with this season. Here are some options to be part of this trend:

  • Drop earrings with druzy stones: You can add color and a touch of drama to your lobes with a pair of earrings of this style. Natural minerals allow you to have bright colors within your accessories in an organic way. You can choose rough edges give you elegance.


  • Forefront necklaces: another cute way to use druzy stones is with forefront necklaces. The collars of this type are within the range of haute couture and are used by many designers. Specially for people who dare to try new things.


  • Three stone rings: the big rings are an excellent choice to show druzy stones, these enhance the natural luster of these stones and are perfect for showing all shine in you.


  • Chain necklaces: in these necklaces is common to find neutral colors or earth tones. The contrast with the gold and silver provide a natural shine and striking. If you want to standout with simplicity, the chain necklaces are a great way to do it.


  • Cuff Bracelets: the bangles are synonymous with elegance, and accompanied by druzy stones provide an additional touch of seriousness and style to any of your outfits. Dare to wear these bracelets that speak for themselves.


  • Dangling earrings: Hanging earrings are always striking through the use of large stones and color combinations. When used with druzy stones can give the appearance of a lot of luxury and glamor, but also gain a fresh and modern result.


  • Cocktail rings: when you use a cocktail ring with druzy stone, eyes will automatically draw into you making you center of attention and a natural standout in a crowd, just with move your hands. For this season, cold tones are ideal.

Get druzy stones style is simple. In the market there are variety of rocks with different sizes, shapes and colors. This trend can give a dramatic touch to all your outfits, and awarded mystery yet elegance to your style. Hear the call of nature and try to use these beautiful gems.