Gold Jewelry

If you’re thinking about wearing gold jewelry it is important to remember that less is more. Following this rule you will not have problems when you decide to brighten up your look with gold. For example, if you want to wear a necklace of striking gold, the rest of jewelry should be very discrete or canceled. The goal is to achieve a balance and to have the pieces complement each while avoiding an overpowering look.

Ornate gold jewelry looks great with dark colored clothes since they warm up those tones. If you’re thinking about using light colors, gold will always look great with white color; a gold necklace accompanied by a white blouse will give you a very professional and sexy look. You can use your gold jewelry year-round during the day or at night.

Depending on your style and skin tone, another important aspect is to choose the type of gold color that is right for you. You can combine it too with pieces of other metals such as platinum or silver. It’s just a matter of getting the colors to harmonize properly. Gold is very versatile, making it an excellent investment.