Turquoise Jewelry

Learn how to clean your turquoise jewelry pieces

As we know turquoise is highly valued in different cultures and used for decoration and jewelry making. Cleaning your jewelry pieces made ​​with turquoise is not very difficult as it is a natural stone, but it can be very sensitive to certain cleaning chemicals, including bath soaps. Most turquoise jewelry are accompanied with metals such as gold or silver; gold does not demand much care, but silver tarnishes easily so it is best to clean your jewelry regularly and carefully.

To clean turquoise you must first moisten a soft-bristled toothbrush with clean water, remember not to add any cleaning agents that might damage the composition of the gem or the jewelry piece. In this case toothbrushes for kids are the perfect choice. Then you should gently rub the surface of the stone with the brush, after that you can rinse the brush and clean the parts that have gold or silver again. It is very important not to let your piece soaking because turquoise absorbs water and can be damaged.

Finally, let air dry your jewelry and its going to look perfect. If you want you can also polish the metal parts with a jewelry polishing cloth: rub it gently until it gleams. Remember not to use chemicals that can damage the turquoise. However, finding a polishing cloth can be tricky for some people. In that case, you can opt to clean it with a microfiber or a finely woven cloth. It is important that once you have finished cleaning the piece you store the turquoise jewelry piece in a fabric- lined box.