In the previous post we talked about what kinds of jewelry are suitable for children, how to choose them and why they are so important. But how to know the exact size of my boy or girl.  The choice of the size of jewelry for children may be very difficult, but there are ways to determine the correct size to buy.

To get the right size, the best way is to measure the child, something you can do with string and a ruler.

  • For necklaces, wrap the cord and use freely the child’s neck until you have the desired length. Then measure the length with a ruler.
  • To use the rope bracelets to measure the child’s wrist tight, then measure that length with the rule and add ½ inch to any measurement of 5 inches or less, if is 6 or more inches ¾ inch is added to the measurement.

This measure may be a bit more complex, but you can see the measurement process in this table:

Her Wrist Measurement Purchaser Size Usually for Ages Usually will Fit Them Until Age
4 inches 4.5 inches 0-9 Months 1 Year
4.5 inches 5.0 inches 9-18 Months 2 Years
5 inches 5.5 inches 18 Months- 3 Years 3-4 Years
5.25 inches 6.0 inches 3-7 Years 5-7 Years
5.5 inches 6.25 inches 7-10 Years 7-10 Years
5.75 inches 6.5 inches 10-14 Years 10-14 Years
6.0 inches 6.75 inches 14 Years-Adult xs 14 Years +

Ages are approximate and may vary according to the size of the child her bone structure. For best results, you should obtain a measure of the child’s wrist.