gold jewelry


How to choose your gold jewelry

Since jewelry made ​​of gold is classic, looks beautiful and never goes out of style, it is widely popular. It is ideal for those people who suffer from allergies, because the gold itself doesn’t produce discomfort. It can be bent in almost any shape and does not break easily. To know how pure the gold of your jewelry piece is, inspect your piece and look for the karat stamp. K stands for karat and you typically will see official markings such as 24K, 18K, 14K, or 10K. The higher the karat value is, the higher is the proportion of gold contained in your of jewelry.

The stamp that you find must be accompanied by a label that identifies the author proving its authenticity. There is a need to mix gold with other metals because in its pure state is soft and usually not practical for daily use. Similarly, if you want to get other colors besides yellow gold, it’s necessary to mix it with other metals. For example, with palladium, nickel or manganese to create white gold; with copper to create rose gold; and with silver to give it a green appearance.

Another way gold is used in jewelry is coated. That means jewelers take a much cheaper metal and bath it with a layer of gold. If the layer is thicker the jewel will wear less and the metal that is under won’t be exposed. When you buy gold, you should think about your budget and intended use frequency. For daily wear, solid gold is the best option (which is 10k or higher); otherwise, if you will only use it for certain occasions, you can choose pieces coated in gold. In any case, if you want a piece that will last a lifetime, it is best to buy the best quality gold.