Estate 18K Gold Diamond & Ruby Fish Motif Clip-Back Earrings

The purpose of purchasing and wearing jewelry is to enhance the attire we are wearing, and we always reflect upon the suitability of a certain piece of jewelry and whether it is the appropriate one for the outfit we have decided to wear. It is obvious that each specific occasion is different from the other, depending on the time of the day, the nature of the occasion , etc. Once we have reached a decision on this,  we wonder which piece of jewelry to wear. This would be an easy task provided we possess some basic knowledge about jewelry. Only then can we choose the appropriate piece of jewelry for each occasion.

Dover Jewelry & Diamond’s estate gold jewelry pieces provide a practical guideline for selecting the appropriate piece for a  given occasion. Our estate gold jewelry includes simple and subtle pieces along with more sophisticated pieces of jewelry. Whereas the former category of jewelry is suitable for more conservative and simple events, the more sophisticated pieces are appropriate for evening and formal events.

Our estate gold cocktail rings offer the subtle and simple type of ring to wear with casual and informal outfits.  The extensive collection of gold earrings includes a variety of designs and styles to suit every occasion and outfit: The pendant and chandelier earrings for evening events, anniversary and birthday celebrations and the simple clip-on earrings to wear at workplace and on daytime. It would also be advisable to consider one’s hairstyle when choosing the appropriate earrings to wear: If the hair is short, a pair of clip-backs or studs would look attractive and be visible, whereas for someone with long hair hoops, creoles and larger gold earrings would be more appropriate as small clip-back earrings would hide underneath one’s hair!

The diversified collections of estate gold bracelets and estate gold necklaces offered by Dover Jewelry & Diamond  include pieces suitable for all outfits: a choker necklace to wear with a V-neck dress,or a dress with a low-cut collar;  a bracelet to wear with a short-sleeve or sleeveless dress, and a gold brooch to wear on the lapel of a jacket constituting  part of an official or unofficial suit.

Another important factor to consider when selecting suitable estate gold jewelry pieces, would be the color of your attire. Our collection of estate gold jewelry offers subtle pieces to wear with attires of solid color.If, however, you are wearing  a pattern, it would be wise to select simple jewelry with colorless stones. White gold, and yellow gold with or without diamonds diamonds, would be the appropriate options. The estate gold necklaces in colorful and chunky Retro style and the glittering estate chandelier earrings which are included in our collections would be ideal  of your evening celebrations or a gathering at a jazz club!

Whether you are looking for the appropriate pieces of estate jewelry to wear at a conservative and formal get-together or a simple and informal gathering with close friends for colleagues, Dover Jewelry & Diamond  has the right pieces to choose from.

We will be happy to advise you with respect to pieces of estate gold jewelry which we consider as ‘timeless’ and appropriate for more than one attire and one occasion!

View   our estate gold jewelry collection available at Dover Jewelry & Diamond by logging onto and contact us for further detail on whichever piece appealing to you.


Veronique Brunner