Emerald Rings

The name emerald derives from the Greek ‘smaragdos’, in  turn originating from the Old French ‘esmeralde’, meaning ‘green gemstone’.  Emeralds were first discovered in Egypt 3000 years ago and the mines in that region were referred to as ‘Cleopatra’s Mines’.

Emerald is one of the most valuable gemstones in the world. The magnificent  green of the emerald .with its unique luminosity symbolizes life, epitomizing the beauty of the recurring  springtime, constant love and eternal joie de vivre.  Emerald rings share a beautiful connection with fidelity  making it a perfect sentimental  gift for the ‘ special person’, 

A glance through the magnifying glass into the interior  of emeralds tells us something about the eventful genesis of this unique gemstone: revealing small or large fissures or the sparkle of a mini crystal.. Such fine inclusions,, signs of the turbulent genesis characterizing this sensitive gemstone do not  by any means diminish the  high regard in  which the emerald is held. Quite to the contrary, such inclusions referred to poetically as ‘jardins’ by the French gemologists, often  enhance the color and beauty of the gemstone.. .  .

Emerald can be found in  Brazil, Zimbabwe , Zambia , Pakistan, Siberia , Russia , Afghanistan and Australia , but the greatest quality of emeralds comes from  Colombia. .