Learn how to combine diamonds and pearls.

We know that diamonds are women’s best friends, but what a few people don’t know is that pearls are classy sisters of any woman. People usually conceive diamonds separate from pearls. However, a mix between these two can look much more luxurious than by themselves, and they are highly complementary. Here are some gorgeous examples of combinations done right.

What many don’t know is that the two gems boost each other up; pearls subdue diamonds’ striking features, while diamonds may exalt the pearls. Therefore, it’s time to dare to look fantastic with the combination of these two stones, in gatherings with friends or for events that are more formal.

What to consider for pearl & diamond combinations

combine pearls and diamondsWhen you are choosing pieces that combine diamonds and pearls, you must take into account the proportions: you cannot choose giant diamond earrings, along with a bracelet of striking pears; on the other hand, if you are tall, choosing miniature jewelry would make your pieces look off balance.

It is also important to consider your skin tone: if you have a tanned complexion, you can lean on blue pearls, but if your skin is paler, pearls with a pink tint are ideal. Finally, don’t forget that you can be creative and take advantage of the most beautiful combination of diamonds and pearls.