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Briolette Cut Diamonds: The New Wave in Diamond Styling

In the ever-evolving world of fine jewelry, the Briolette cut has emerged as the hottest new trend, particularly sweeping through Miami’s vibrant jewelry scene. This unique cut, while steeped in history, is capturing the hearts of modern enthusiasts and gemologists alike, hailed as a fresh trend in diamond and gemstone styling for 2024. What better time to celebrate these beauties than the month of April – The Diamond Birthstone.

The Essence of Briolette Cut Diamonds

The Briolette cut, characterized by its elongated, pear-like shape and faceted surface, offers a distinct departure from traditional cuts. Unlike the more common round or princess cuts, the Briolette is faceted all around, allowing an exceptional play of light. This cut’s ability to let in ample light, creating a dazzling, luminous effect, is one of its most lauded features. Its design is not only brilliant but also imbues a light and airy quality to the stone, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a blend of sophistication and modernity in their jewelry.

Why Briolette Cut is the Newest Trend

In 2024, the Briolette cut has gained particular prominence for several reasons. Firstly, its unique appearance offers a clean and elegant look, perfect for the spring season’s fine jewelry collections. Its versatility across different settings and jewelry pieces – from earrings and pendants to bracelets and rings – allows designers to experiment and innovate, creating bespoke pieces that resonate with contemporary tastes.

Moreover, the Briolette cut is not confined to diamonds alone. Its application to colored gemstones has opened a new realm of possibilities, enabling a vibrant palette of designs and styles. This versatility has made the Briolette cut a favorite among those who appreciate a blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern aesthetics.

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The Miami Scene: A Hub for Briolette Enthusiasts

Miami, known for its trendsetting and cosmopolitan ethos, has embraced the Briolette cut with open arms. The city’s luxury market, teeming with discerning collectors and fashion-forward individuals, finds the Briolette cut’s unique charm and elegance irresistible. This trend is not just about aesthetics; it’s a statement of individuality and sophistication that aligns with Miami’s vibrant culture.

Gemologists’ Perspective: Why Briolette Steals the Show

Gemologists are particularly fascinated by the Briolette cut because it showcases the gemstone’s clarity and luminosity in a way few other cuts can. The all-around faceting maximizes the stone’s interaction with light, creating an enchanting sparkle that is both captivating and visually striking. This cut also presents a technical challenge, requiring precise craftsmanship to achieve its signature look, further adding to its allure among connoisseurs and experts.

The Versatility and Appeal of Briolette Cut

One of the reasons the Briolette cut is trending in 2024 is its remarkable versatility. It complements a wide range of styles, from the minimalist and modern to the intricate and vintage. Whether set in a simple pendant or an elaborate chandelier earring, the Briolette cut maintains its distinctive charm and elegance, making it a versatile choice for various jewelry designs.


Embracing the Briolette Trend

For those keen on staying ahead of jewelry trends, embracing the Briolette cut is a way to showcase a sense of style that is both refined and ahead of the curve. Its rising popularity signals a shift towards more innovative and unconventional designs in the jewelry industry, reflecting a broader trend of personal expression and creativity.

Let’s Talk Historical Significance

  1. Medieval Times: The origins of the Briolette cut can be traced back to the Middle Ages. It was during this time that the cut first appeared in India, known for its rich history of diamond cutting and trading.
  2. Lodewyk (Louis) van Berquem, a Flemish polisher from Bruges, is a seminal figure in the history of diamond cutting, renowned for his significant contributions to the craft during the 15th century. One of van Berquem’s most notable contributions is the invention of the diamond polishing wheel known as the “scaif.” This innovative tool allowed for the precise cutting and polishing of facets on a diamond, enabling artisans to enhance the stone’s natural brilliance and fire significantly. The scaif uses a mixture of olive oil and diamond dust to polish the diamond facets, a technique that revolutionized the diamond cutting process.VICTORIAN JEWELRY
  3. Symmetrical Facet Arrangement: Van Berquem is also credited with introducing the concept of symmetrical facets, which greatly improved the reflective properties and overall appearance of diamonds. His approach to cutting introduced a level of symmetry and proportion in the stones that was unprecedented at the time, laying the groundwork for future cutting styles especially the Briolette cut.
  4. Renaissance and Beyond: The Briolette cut gained popularity in Europe during the Renaissance, a period that saw a revived interest in arts and culture. Its unique appearance made it a favored choice among royalty and the aristocracy. One of the most famous historical examples is the Briolette of India, a diamond that has passed through the hands of various monarchs and was even incorporated into Queen Elizabeth II’s personal collection.
  5. 19th Century: The Briolette cut saw a resurgence in popularity during the Victorian era, a time characterized by elaborate and intricate jewelry designs. The cut’s ability to catch light from all angles made it particularly appealing for use in pendants and earrings, which move with the wearer, allowing the stone to demonstrate its full sparkling potential.vintage briolette diamonds l Dover Jewelry

Modern Resurgence

In contemporary times, the Briolette cut has seen a resurgence, admired for its unique beauty and historical charm. While it is not as commonly seen as other cuts, its uniqueness and the technical skill required to create it make Briolette-cut gemstones highly prized among collectors and jewelry enthusiasts.

Technical and Artistic Aspects

The cutting process of a Briolette is intricate, requiring significant skill and precision. The cutter must ensure that each facet is perfectly aligned to maximize the stone’s refractive properties. This complexity, coupled with the cut’s rich history, contributes to the allure and desirability of Briolette-cut gemstones in the world of fine jewelry.


As we delve deeper into 2024, the Briolette cut continues to define itself as a symbol of modern elegance and innovation in the world of fine jewelry. Its rise to prominence, especially in trendsetting locales like Brickell, Miami, underscores a shift towards designs that challenge traditional norms and embrace a more dynamic and expressive form of luxury. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a casual admirer of fine jewelry, the Briolette cut offers a fresh perspective on diamond and gemstone styling, promising a blend of brilliance, elegance, and contemporary flair. Reach out to our Gem Team to talk more about our upcoming Spring Collection arriving this month featuring the most exquisite designs in Briolette gems.

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