Art deco engagement rings

Much has been said about the engagement rings and how difficult it would be to choose one!   If your partner is a courageous and confident lady, art deco engagement rings would be ideal for her. The term Art Deco derives from the famous Exhibition held in Paris in  1925.The movement  introduced drastic changes in  arts, architecture and jewelry fashion,  influenced by the Far and Middle East, the Romans and the Egyptians. The ‘Roaring 20’s’ was a statement of liberation for women particularly in high society and brought with it the recognition for change.The Art Deco style is therefore best suited for the emancipated woman of our time….

Oriental miniatures supplied a rich source of inspiration for chromatic combinations and decorative motifs throughout the Art Deco period. Geometrical patterns and the combination of contrasting colors were the main features of Art Deco Jewelry. Diamonds and platinum were used, irrespective of their costs and gemstones were cut into triangles, trapezoids, oblong shapes and emerald cuts.

Art Deco jewelry was mainly dominated by French designers, such as Cartier, Boucheron and Fouquet to name only a few of the most outstanding ones.

The Art Deco engagement rings are often  set with emeralds, sapphires, rubies and other colored gemstones.  besides diamonds to preserve the color contrast feature which is a quintessential mark of all Art Deco jewels,  while favoring  princess, emerald, triangular cuts as well as baguettes.

Choosing an Art Deco style engagement rings is an excellent choice for a confident, emancipated partner….