Platinum is a precious metal characterized by its luster, strength and durability. Looks great on jewelry, improving its quality, is easy to polish, clean and never tarnishes.

  • Considering the hardness, can be used up to 95% purity, in contrast to the gold that can be used only up to 60%.
  • Helps to smooth all metals.
  • All precious metals can scratch, but platinum resists scratches 95% more, because it is used in a greater state of purity.
  • If platinum gets scratched, it acquires a grayish color that can be polished with special buffers. When polished it regains its shine just as before it got scratched.


How to identify Platinum Jewelry?

  1. Recognize them through the engraving. If the jewelry shows the engraving of “PT” or “PLAT”, they are platinum. 
  2. Categorize them through the weight. Platinum proportion is 21.40
  3. Look at the hardness of their appearance. Carefully observed the platinum and we could find that is bright white but with slightly grey, hard texture and will have no abrasions
  4. Test it with fire. Platinum has a good resistance to high temperature oxidation. Its melting point reaches as high as 1770 ℃ and the color will not change it its heated at high temperatures and cooled.

How to care your platinum jewelry?

  1. To keep your platinum jewelry in good condition, avoid using it while cooking, washing,  gardening or cleaning around the house.
  2. Have your jewelry polished once a year to remove any scratches.
  3. Jewelry should be washed once a week for 15 or 20 minutes and rinse with warm water.
  4. Remember that platinum is one of the finest metal for jewelry and is 35 times rarer than gold. So it is important to take good care of it.

You should know

A lot of people think that platinum gets a grey color when it’s old, but this is not the case. Its purity allows it to resist scratches far better than other metals; scratches can give the impression that platinum jewelry turned gray, however just polishing it; platinum recovers its natural shine.

You should note that you can polish your jewelry as often as desired, without losing the metal, but it is important that this process be done by an expert so you can keep your jewelry in good condition.

For the preparation of platinum rings, there can be problems to do with inadequate equipment; the ideal is to be done with laser. When you are going to buy a platinum ring, be sure to find a place that has this kind of technology.