antique jewelry

Inheriting significant modern or antique jewelry pieces is always a blessing. Be it Engagement rings, wedding bands or diamond earrings, passed down jewels symbolize a very meaningful sign of appreciation, one that speaks about undying love and respect from the departed. Perhaps the only downside is that they are no longer around to enjoy the precious items with you.

Take comfort in the fact that you now have something tangible to hold that will give you that extra feeling of connection with them. It is natural to feel emotionally overwhelmed right after you receive the jewelry gifts, but take the time to consider the following key points before you make any decisions about your newly-inherited antique or estate jewelry pieces.

Appraise your antique jewelry inherited piece

One of the best decisions you can make when you have an inherited jewelry piece is to have it appraised. Its value is likely very different now than when your departed relative first bought them and it is important determine the market value of the piece for insurance purposes, or in case it becomes imperative to sell it. Don’t feel like you are cheapening the memory or sentimental value at all by doing this. Think of it as wanting to do everything you can to be the best recipient of the legacy your loved one left you.

Consider insuring it

Even if the piece doesn’t hold a high monetary value, it still is a very emotionally significant piece for you. Reason why considering jewelry insurance might be a good idea. Jewelry insurance will help you replace the piece if it’s lost, stolen, or damaged or at least compensate you for the jewelry’s financial value. Vintage or antique jewelry pieces such as the ones you may be most likely to inherit are often especially important to insure because it may be all but impossible to get them replaced if they are lost or stolen.

Consider modifications

Some people decide to have their inherited piece modified as a way of giving it a more updated look, rather than putting in the bottom of their jewelry box and forgetting about it. If you decide to pay living tribute to your relative by wearing the piece, some modifications could breathe new life into the item.

For instance, you can use the diamonds or gemstones from the original piece in a newer setting, or use them in a totally different way, like a necklace. Maybe the studs in an earring could be used as charms in a bracelet. This will allow the essence of the antique jewelry piece to live on while giving it a stylish update and become the perfect way to honor a departed loved one because it allows the piece to have a whole second lease on life.