antique jewelry

 Antique Jewelry single pieces are  beautiful and distinct, but can  become more meaningful when becoming part of a larger collection consisting of various designs and styles, each reminiscent of a specific era in  the history of jewelry. By the same token,. antique engagement rings seem to shine brighter and prove more impressive  when accompanied by similar style accessories.

Collecting Antique Jewelry is Fun….

Whether or not considered as part of our  primitive hunter-gatherer selves, the act of  collecting is an excellent form of relaxation and leisure..  There are innumerable psychological reasons why gathering any material is fun,.  What remains certain is that  adding pieces to a collection creates feelings of satisfaction and accomplishment, and much  more so when  they are valuable and unique. Jewelry in particular is a popular item to collect because of the  inherent gains  and a certain way of investing and saving for later periods of one’s life.

Collections Make  Ideal Gifts

Multiple pieces from a jewelry collection can make excellent gifts. It is nice to know that if a ring from an antique collection can produce overwhelming joy, a necklace and a pair of earrings could most probably have the same effect. . Such gifts can be given over a longer period of time,  and on important occasions such as  anniversaries,   birthdays,  Valentine’s Day, etc..

Collection Value

It is oftentimes more advantageous to sell a collection of antique jewelry pieces than offering single piece for sale, should the owner of the jewelry collection deem it necessary to dispose of the collection.,  This is especially true in cases where  the collection is from an exclusive designer and if the pieces were produced for a limited period of  time. and were discontinued.

Your personal preference

Ultimately, the most important reason behind collecting  multiple pieces of jewelry  is personal preference. Since the pieces are designed to appeal to a particular taste, there is a good chance that you  will appreciate all the constituents of the collection. Similarly, a designer or brand that is popular with a customer has a good chance of producing an entire collection of pieces that would be appreciated by the same customer.