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Amethyst Vintage Jewelry

With its subtle, soft elegance and its sublime quality of inherent royalty, amethyst is a gem that speaks for itself. Worn by kings, queens, priests, empresses and holy figures alike, the jewel possesses nobility, power, mythology and enticement that earns it the nickname “royal gem” and makes it ideal for estate jewelry.

Origins and Composition

A member of the quartz family, amethyst ranges in color from pale violet to deep purple. The deepest, most transparent varieties are considered to be the most valuable because of their comparative rarity. Depending on its different mining locations and sources, the shade and translucency of amethyst will vary. For example, variations of the gem from Uruguay and Arizona manifest in a dark indigo-purple hue, while Russian amethyst is highly saturated and appears with deep undertones of either red or blue.

Southern Brazil produces the most valuable type of the gem, and Madagascar, Africa and other parts of South America tend to be the most common mining sources. African amethyst is famous for its particular deepness of color.


Miners have found amethyst all over the world, from deposits in Aztec graves to the German amethyst center, Idar-Oberstein, which conducted its trades with raw gemstone materials from the Zillertal Alps. Russian or Siberian Amethysts were revered for their clarity and magnificent shine.

Ancient Buddhists in Tibet wore amethyst rosaries to promote and reflect clarity of mind. While deposits of this dazzling jewel were once numerous, their widespread demand led to near exhaustion of natural supplies. Now, amethysts are even more valuable.


With a name derived from the Greek “amethystos,” meaning “not intoxicated,” amethyst has a legendary reputation for protecting against inebriation, but that’s not its only alleged power. Ancient Greeks and Romans believed that the amethyst possessed miraculous abilities, from protecting crops from storms and plagues to bringing good luck during battles and hunts. It could also supposedly banish ill spirits and drive intellectual inspiration.

Roman philosophers believed that this gemstone could protect the wearer from snakebites, and ancient sculptors engraved amethyst into statues and wine goblets to imbue them with the jewel’s properties. Both the Catholic and Jewish holy orders incorporated amethyst into their ornaments as a symbol of friendship, piety and trust. In addition to crosses and the mythic Papal Ring, the gem is a prominent feature in vintage jewelry pieces.

Authentic Amethyst Jewelry

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Authenticity and Allure: Antique Precious Metal and Gemstone Jewelry

Each antique necklace, bracelet, earring, brooch or pendant you choose from Dover Jewelry & Diamonds has been authenticated as being at least 100 years old. While browsing through our ever-evolving treasury of exquisite luxury jewelry, you’re likely to find items representing several key periods:

  • Georgian (1714-1830) — Georgian jewelry is a testament to this period’s appreciation of nature and its inherent grace. Many of the Georgian rings and pins we sell feature rose cut diamonds, sapphires, rubies and other fine gemstones.
  • Victorian (1837-1901) — The Victorian Era produced whimsical jewelry in every setting, from white gold to platinum. Romance, symbolism and diamonds are often seen in this type of vintage jewelry.
  • Art Nouveau (1880-1914) — Art Nouveau is a decidedly French movement, and it introduced an elegance of flowing themes and enamels with the motto of “Femininity and Its Relation to Nature”. Tiffany antique jewelry mimics the characteristics of the Art Nouveau Era, for which the jewelry house has become renowned.
  • Edwardian (1901-1910) — Edwardian pieces incorporate platinum along with rose-cut diamonds, emerald and rubies in elaborate filigree settings that were considered “romantic” for their delicate use of curves and forms. This period is still a source of inspiration for many modern ring designers, and pieces are coveted by collectors of brilliantly crafted jewelry.
  • Arts & Crafts (1894-1923) — This jewelry revival introduced imagination into a variety of pieces, which is why so many Arts & Crafts items evoke bold feelings and elicit strong emotions. When you get to know Arts & Crafts’ rings, necklaces and more, you can easily recognize jewelry from this period while perusing our online gallery.

Certainly, there are other eras of antique and vintage jewelry as well. You can find a stunning range of fascinating possibilities every time you take a visual tour through our website. In addition, you can trust that your purchase has been authenticated by our experts.

Complete Collection of Fine Antique Jewelry

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Discover the Unique Beauty of Vintage & Antique Jewelry

Jewelry is one of humankind’s oldest art forms. From ancient societies to today, jewelry has been worn by men and women to showcase their tastes, statuses and relationships.

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