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Estate Vintage Earrings

Finding it difficult to uncover the perfect pair of distinctive earrings to add to your private jewelry collection? It’s time to explore our exquisite, gorgeous and sparkling estate earrings for sale at Dover Jewelry.

Each pair of vintage estate earrings has been pre-owned, and may have been sourced from an estate sale anywhere in the world. Not only are we selective about the estate diamond earrings we choose, but we carefully inspect and certify every gemstone, providing you with a certificate of authenticity.

Show off your true-to-you style in the most luxurious way possible with new estate vintage earrings from a bygone or current era.

One-of-a-Kind Estate Earrings

Why do our clients love buying estate earrings? One of the biggest reasons is that they love wearing one-of-a-kind jewelry.

Many of our retro estate earrings were made 100 or more years ago. We sell earrings from the Victorian and Edwardian periods, as well as 20th century periods like Art Deco and Art Nouveau eras. At the same time, some pieces are more contemporary, and may have been created specifically for their past owners.

What this means for you is that you can own earrings that are available nowhere else. If showing off your style and individuality is important to you, then shopping for earrings from a renowned estate sale jewelry purveyor like Dover Jewelry is a perfect fit.

Discover the Beauty of Vintage Diamond Huggies

Diamond huggies are some of the more popular styles of earrings. If you’re not familiar with vintage diamond huggies, they are easy to spot. Meant for women with pierced ears, they are designed to go into the ear without the need for an additional backpiece. This offers a streamlined symmetry, and creates a unique view of the earrings from all angles.

Some clients appreciate that our retro diamond huggies from estates do not “tug” at their earlobes, but seem to rest easily within piercings.

Add Sparkle to Your Jewelry With Estate Earrings

Has it been too long since the last time you rewarded yourself with a pristine pair of diamond earrings? Browse through our unfolding treasures online, and uncover a world of earring possibilities you’ve never seen in one place before. You’ll be drawn into a world of stellar craftsmanship and artistry, echoing true master workmanship.

Be certain to explore our other offerings at Dover Jewelry as well, including our estate necklaces, rings, bracelets and brooches.

Have questions? Our customer service representatives are ready with knowledgeable answers. Simply contact us today about any of our variety of exceptional items. If you have an estate collection to sell that includes diamond earrings or other luxury jewelry pieces, please contact us.