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The Difference in Antique and Vintage Engagement Ring Sittings

What's the biggest difference in buying a Victorian, Edwardian, Art Deco, Art Nouveau or other bygone-era antique or vintage engagement ring setting? Actually, there are two: craftsmanship and detailing.

From a craftsmanship standpoint, it would be difficult to outdo the quality of some of the world’s most well-known jewelry houses. Decades ago, master craftspeople made each engagement ring setting by hand. Their fastidious work and attention can be seen in every aspect of an engagement ring mounting. It’s why these mountings have survived generation after generation and are now available for you to purchase.

In terms of details, you’ll notice immediately that each antique or vintage ring mounting for sale has a distinctive look. Again, this is a telltale sign of the times during which the ring setting was made. Our professional images on each ring setting’s page will give you a clearer sense of the ring mountings of strongest interest to you. This allows you to purchase your favorite.

Antique and Vintage Engagement Ring Mountings for Any Stone

Do you already have a gemstone in mind for your antique or vintage engagement rings setting? Or are you going to buy a loose diamond or other precious or semi-precious gemstone for your piece? Either way, you can individualize your mounting by selecting a gemstone that you’ll love for ages.

While diamonds are certainly the most popular type of engagement ring stone, they are hardly the only choices in today’s era of jewelry personalization. You may want to consider another gemstone, perhaps based on color, quality or size. Consider all your amazing options when you browse our gallery of settings and mountings. You really can create the engagement ring of your dreams with a little help from Dover Jewelry!

Have any questions about our antique ring mountings for sale or any of our other fine jewelry? Give us a call. Our knowledgeable team members are eager to help you expand your personal jewelry collection.

Antique and Vintage Engagement Ring Mountings

It’s not difficult to see why antique engagement ring mountings and vintage engagement ring settings have exploded in popularity over the past decades. More and more couples want one-of-a-kind engagement ring selections that are truly unique in every way.

What better method to ensure that your engagement ring looks like no other than to have one from a bygone era? At Dover Jewelry, we specialize in bringing you exquisite vintage and antique engagement ring settings. Browse through our ever-evolving collection of options and find the one that sets your heart on fire with excitement and anticipation.

We’ll happily ship your chosen ring setting to you for free, no matter where you live.