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3-Stone Vintage Diamond Engagement Rings for Sale

The 3-stone diamond engagement ring has endured as a preferred style for generations. This makes it possible for you to own a stunning, authentic vintage 3-stone engagement ring from a bygone era.

Add a level of elegance, sophistication and luxury to your special occasion by purchasing a one-of-a-kind 3-stone engagement ring from Dover Jewelry.

Our team of experts purchases genuine vintage, antique and estate 3-stone diamond engagement rings from global sellers. We seek exquisite, unique pieces that appeal to the distinctive tastes of our clientele. This allows you to find the perfect 3-stone engagement ring and purchase it online from a trusted source.

Settings Vary in Vintage 3-Stone Engagement Rings

The precious metals used in vintage 3-stone ring design may run the gamut, from yellow gold to white gold to rose gold to platinum. Each antique 3-stone engagement ring for sale that we display at our Dover Jewelry online gallery is thoroughly outlined. This gives you a complete understanding of the materials used to make the masterpiece.

As you view your options, you may have questions. You can contact our team of experts for a personal, private discussion anytime by calling 1-877-777-6111. Our objective is for you to find unique, refined high-end jewelry items that will bring you a lifetime of pleasure.

Designs and Characteristics of High-Quality 3-Stone Engagement Rings

There are several traits you will find in all high-quality 3-stone engagement rings. The first is the obvious: There are three central gemstones. The three gemstones are typically all the same type of stone, such as three diamonds or three emeralds. However, in some cases and during some periods, designers from renowned jewelry houses chose to spotlight two or three gemstones. These are unusual, but they definitely make the 3-stone engagement ring stand out.

The three primary stones can be of any size. It’s common for the center stone to possess a larger carat weight than the stones that flank it. This gives the central stone more prominence. Still, you might find some vintage 3-stone diamond engagement rings with diamonds or other gemstones of the same carat weight. Thus, none of the stones is given a higher status than the others.

In addition to all the other elements of most 3-stone engagement rings, the cut of the stones is important to many buyers and jewelry aficionados. All the stones may be of the same cut, or the central stone may be a different cut than the stones flanking it.

With so many different characteristics and designs, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. However, the key is to find the right 3-stone antique or estate diamond engagement ring that suits your personality and preferences. There’s no right or wrong ring. There is just the perfect one for you to proudly wear at social functions and for your own delight.