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Emerald Engagement Rings

Evoking the lush, sweeping scenery of green fields and thick foliage, emeralds enchant with their enthralling green glow and vivacious beauty, earning them a place in history, mythology and the world of intricate jewelry. Today, even estate emerald engagement rings are on the rise for their unique authenticity. Learn everything about this enticing gem that will dazzle on a ring finger.

Origins and Composition

A member of the beryl family of minerals, the emerald is a jewel of deep, clear green. The Incas and Aztecs discovered the stone in Colombia, and its prominence has since spread across the globe, with nations like Spain, Russia, Iran and India vying for supplies from South American mines.


Emerald mines abounded in ancient Egypt, and apparently, Cleopatra had a particular taste for the gorgeous gem, incorporating it into her ornaments.

Emeralds have a noble history in adorning the crowns, rings, bracelets, necklaces and other ornamentation of royal families across the world. They have been a centerpiece of the Russian crown jewels, a sacred talisman of the Taj Mahal’s architect and a part of the Iranian State Treasury’s collection. This gem’s vivid green is a symbol of status and luck.


The emerald is prominent in beliefs regarding vision, serenity and well-being. The ancient Roman Emperor Nero allegedly watched gladiator battles through an emerald lens to calm his nerves and eyesight, and early stone-cutters may have used them as a respite for their eyes during work. Many believed that the jewel’s inherent green provided a soothing quality for the eyes and that it possessed the power to restore sight.

In South America, the stone was sacred for its ability to bring favorable circumstances and well-being to its wearer.

This verdant gem is the birthstone for the spring month of May.

Authentic Emerald Engagement Rings

With a durable level of hardness and a clear nature that reflects light and luminosity, emeralds are more valuable than diamonds. If you favor this striking gem for fashion and symbolism, consider capturing its brilliance forever in a vintage emerald engagement ring.

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