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The Elegance of Antique Diamond Bracelets & Bangles

The extensive variety of antique diamond bracelets offered by Dover Jewelry & Diamonds represents, vintage, Art Deco and estate periods. Whereas bracelets from the earlier Victorian era displayed their distinct characteristic of colored precious and semi-precious gemstones set on a centrally positioned décor, the later Edwardian bracelets (1901-1910) tended toward purely monochromatic aesthetic, with diamonds used as the gemstone par excellence and more often mounted on platinum rather than on white gold.

During the Art Deco movement which lasted roughly 30 years and spammed from 1910 to 1939, not only did the jewelry style, but also the whole lifestyle throughout Europe experience drastic changes. In the world of jewelry, stones such as topaz and aquamarine which had been out of fashion for a long time, tended to reappear and were abundant enough to supply all jewelers. Art Deco jewelry made use of color-contrasting gemstones such as diamonds & onyx, yellow diamonds and sapphire, etc. juxtaposed side by side to create the contrasting effect. The other quintessential feature of Art Deco jewelry was an emphasis on geometric features.

To the extent that even diamonds tended to follow the new rule to have the 'geometric' effect. Table and baguette diamonds were alongside the classic cuts, producing a play of light in the scintillating surface of the ornament.

All this was possible thanks to the availability of platinum as precious metal which was considerably easier to work with than gold! In view, of the ongoing popularity of Art Deco styles and combination of colors, Dover Jewelry & Diamonds has endeavored to procure authentic pieces from that era since the company was established. Our collection of Art Deco bracelets include not only combination of contrasting precious stones (Emerald and diamond, sapphire and diamond, etc.) but also exquisite link bracelets swathed in variously-cut diamonds to produce the geometric effect characteristic of the era. Some of the Art Deco vintage Diamond bracelets in Dover Jewelry & Diamonds' collection are of finer aesthetic, classified as 'line' or 'tennis' bracelet, while others are of greater width and incorporate geometrically inspired flexible links.

Explore our Unique Collection of Vintage and Antique Diamond Bracelets

We encourage you to visit Dover Jewelry & Diamonds' online store and to explore our invaluable collection of authentic vintage bracelets to take advantage of the yet existing authentic pieces which would diminish rather than increase in the course of time, remembering that the re-produced replica would never be an exact substitute for the authentic one.

Antique and Vintage Bracelets

Bracelets never go out of style. They add a sense of sensuality, fun and charm to the wrist, accentuating a woman’s forearm, hands and fingers. Plus, they can be an adjunct to an outfit, accentuating the wearer’s style or perfectly rounding out a look.

Whether your tastes run toward classic and traditional gold, platinum, silver or mixed-precious metal settings, or you want a particularly unique vintage bracelet loaded with gemstones, Dover Jewelry is your global source for incredible bracelet selections. Our developing rotation of jewelry offers the best vintage and antique bracelets from around the world.

Order today with confidence from our online store. Shipping is always free, and satisfaction is on its way with a gift from Dover Jewelry.

Bracelets From the Eras You Love

Do you have a particular jewelry era you adore? Does your heart skip a beat when you see an Art Deco piece? Are you swathed regularly in Victorian or Edwardian items? Or do you prefer an eclectic mix of a little bit of anything distinctive that catches your eye?

Our treasury features bracelets from all the eras you recognize, including Art Deco, Victorian and Edwardian period pieces with and without diamonds and fine gemstones. This makes it fun and exciting to find a one-of-a-kind vintage bracelet that represents your tastes, or goes perfectly with your special occasion outfit. Why settle when it comes to your jewelry? Every woman deserves to feel beautiful, and that means having the perfect Art Deco diamond bracelet or vintage pure gold bangle around her wrist.

Antique Bracelets Offer a Piece of History

The pearls, diamonds, gemstones and precious metals that make up these superb antique and vintage bracelets have stories to tell. Because our jewelry selection comes from far and wide, as well as local sources, clients like you have the rare opportunity to add history to their private collections. Many of the pieces come from the world’s most prestigious jewelry houses, including Tiffany and Co. In all cases, we pass along all the information you want to know about each bracelet.

Why leave history in the past? Breathe new life into exquisite antique and vintage bracelets and bangles with a purchase from Dover Jewelry. Your treasures from our expanding, exciting collection will renew your desire to wear more works of art.

Place your order today on our site, and receive risk-free, complimentary shipping to anywhere in the world. Remember that our certified gemologists guarantee their findings on every piece of jewelry they examine, giving you complete peace of mind when you make us your jewelry collection partner. Have questions? Contact our customer service representatives today for knowledgeable advice on buying the right bracelet. Remember we have a fully staffed, GIA appraisal department offering Diamond Consultation in purchasing and care. Update your jewelry appraisals as well.