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If you are not fully familiar with Art Deco jewelry designs, here are a few facts about the Art Deco period jewelry pieces and how to recognize them, inclusive of Art Deco ring settings and Art Deco engagement rings.

Art Deco Jewelry History
The Roaring Twenties & King Tut’s Tomb

You may wonder what the Roaring Twenties and King Tut’s tomb may have in common. They both exerted important influences on the evolution of the Art Deco movement. The roaring twenties exposed an astonishing and unprecedented period. Picture jazz clubs filled with women wearing cropped hair, dangling Art Deco earrings and short flapper dresses. It was at the 1925 International Exhibition of Art in Paris during this period when the style of the era was assigned the name “Art Deco”.

What is Art Deco Jewelry?

What influenced vintage Art Deco jewelry style of the 1920’s? The Art Deco movement manifested itself between the two World Wars. This was a period of design whose modernization caused it to stand apart. Influenced by the Far and the Middle East Greece, the Romans and the Egyptians, Art Deco rose like the phoenix from the ashes of the first World War. The discovery of King Tut’s tomb in 1923 provided the designers of Art Deco jewelry with motifs inspired by the Egyptian culture, exposing symbols such as falcon and the scarab. The introduction of cubism in the art world after 1925 brought about the geometrical features, which became the main characteristic of Art Deco design and remained intact throughout. Sub Gemstones were cut into triangles, trapezoid, oblong shapes and emerald cuts. Colored gemstones, corals and lapis lazuli were amongst the popular stones used for Art Deco jewelry pieces.

Shapes, Stones & Metals of Art Deco Jewelry

The three distinct aspects of jewelry from the Art Deco period are:

Art Deco Jewelry Shapes

When shopping online for Art Deco estate jewelry the first way to identify such pieces is by the popular shapes of the time, which often incorporate geometric shapes, such as squares, triangles, hexagons, octagons, circles, and the like. Art Deco estate rings, especially engagement rings, will often emphasize square, rectangle and elongated rectangular shapes. We therefore encounter a preference for Princess, Emerald-cut and Baguette diamonds, and colored stones cut in geometric shapes.

Art Deco Jewelry Stones

In view of the booming 1920’s economy, expensive stones like rubies, emeralds, sapphires and diamonds were used lavishly during the Art Deco era. Searching online for Art Deco estate rings, you will notice the significant trend for brightly colored gemstones and precious jewels. It wasn’t until the Great Depression of the 1930’s that jewelry designers began making less expensive jewelry.

Art Deco Estate Metals

The 1920’s were all about luxury and both yellow and white gold were used abundantly. Platinum could easily handle larger stones so it also became a precious metal of choice. Silver, on the contrary, was not amongst the favorite metals of the Art Deco era and is therefore hard to find pieces dating back to that period.

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