Vintage Jewelry

Pearls are always beautiful gems that look with many types of outfits. They come in various shapes, designs and even colors. Check out some of these pieces that you’ll go to love!

1.       Classic Pearl Necklace: This has been a favorite of many women for decades, thanks to its simplicity shines with almost any outfit, is perfect for special occasions and always makes you look elegant. In the market you can find many options as those with pearls or freshwater from.

2.       Pearly Beads: This kind of pearls looks gorgeous in any outfit, from a smart suit to a dress to go dancing at night. Take advantage of the various colors that can be, and combine it with all the clothes in your closet.

 3.       Chocolate Pearls: They are ideal when you have many neutral colors on your clothes and want to give it some color without looking sloppy. Chocolate pearls are perfect, for being warm they match with pastel colors, and make you look beautiful.

 4.       Pearl Bracelets: This style is presented as a new trend and come with many textures and designs. They look beautiful with cool colors, dark colors and without prints. Dare to try this beautiful design.

 5.       Pearls adorned with spikes: If you’re more inclined for hardcore things you can do it with elegance, using this type of design. Just add some spikes or metal things to your pearls; accompany them with your jeans, and you’ll be perfect.

 6.       Pearl Button-shaped earrings: There is nothing more elegant than this type of earrings, usually found in white, but if you’re a fan of the color, in the market there are other designs and colors that will match with your favorite outfits.

 7.       Pearls of black metal: these pearls provide a sensual shine that you can’t miss. They are lovely with dresses of a single tone, or a set of very vibrant colors that contrast with each other. You can find them in bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings.

 8.       Pearl cocktail rings: pearl rings are gorgeous and even better if they are large. You can find different options on the market, with different colors and designs. They look perfect with any outfit.

The pearls add distinction, glamor and elegance to any outfit. They can be simple with white color, cream or pink, but there are also strong colors, black and gray. You decide which are your favorites.