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Antique & Estate Necklaces for Sale

At Dover Jewelry we have quite the selection of antique and estate necklaces for sale from all historical jewelry periods. Before getting serious about buying a Dover Jewelry antique necklace we recommend you understand the differences between Estate and Antique necklaces. Any estate necklace has been pre-owned and likely passed down from generation to generation, holding significant value and meaning. An estate necklace only becomes an antique estate necklace when it is over 100 years old. Significant antique jewelry eras include the rare Georgian Era (1714-1837) where every necklace was handcrafted, the Victorian Era (1830-1895) where all jewelry was inspired by Queen Victoria, the Edwardian Era (1901 and 1910) where necklaces were delicate and feminine in design, and the ever popular Art Deco Period (1915-1930), which produced stylish geometric inspired Art Deco estate necklaces. At Dover Jewelry our selection of antique necklace jewelry from these popular eras is constantly changing and there is always something new each week! Shop from our entire collection of antique and estate necklaces made from Gold, Platinum, or Yellow Gold, and featuring timeless old cut diamonds and other popular gemstones like Sapphires. At Dover Jewelry, we inspect and make necessary repairs to each antique necklace and estate necklace we sell through our website and in our Miami, Florida antique jewelry store. We also offer a Certificate of Appraisal with each antique necklace sold. For more information about any of the Dover Jewelry antique necklaces listed below or for help locating a specific antique or estate necklace, please call us Toll Free at 1-877-777-6111 or send us an email.

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