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Antique Style Engagement Rings for Sale

Browse Dover Jewelry’s extensive collection of antique style engagement rings as an affordable alternative to more expensive antique engagement rings. “Antique style jewelry” is a term used to describe newly manufactured jewelry pieces that are not necessarily exact reproductions but simply “made in the style” of a period piece. It is important to note that antique style jewelry is quite different from antique reproduction or replica jewelry. A replica is basically a costume jewelry piece and does not belong to the “fine” jewelry category. Antique style is also different from reproduction jewelry items which are exact copies of original antique jewelry pieces. At Dover Jewelry, you’ll find plenty of antique style engagement rings for sale that imitate the popular design features of antique engagement rings made over 100 years ago. Our diamond antique style engagement ring collection imitates rings from the popular Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, Art Nouveau, and early Art Deco periods. These antique style engagement rings are perfect for those who like the antique look but want a newer engagement ring. Plus, any diamond antique style engagement ring, gold antique style engagement ring, platinum antique style engagement ring, or sapphire antique style engagement ring is more affordable because you aren’t paying a premium for the age of the ring. All Dover engagement rings purchased online or through our Miami antique jewelry store come with an official Certificate of Appraisal and are inspected (and repaired if necessary) prior to sale. For assistance in purchasing your vintage looking antique style engagement ring through our jewelry website please contact Dover Jewelry Toll Free at 1-877-777-6111, send us an email or contact us through our website.

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