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Estate Earrings for Sale

Dover Jewelry carries an extensive collection of estate earrings for sale. Along with any other piece of estate jewelry, estate earrings have been pre-owned and may or may not have been purchased from an estate sale. Estate earrings are commonly classified as Antique, Vintage, or Retro based on the year they were created. Antique estate earrings are all more than 100 years old while vintage estate earrings are generally from the 1920’s and later periods. Retro estate earrings are from the 1945-1960’s era. As you browse through our current selection you’ll notice that most Art Deco estate earrings are clip on or clip back earrings. This is because pierced ears were frowned upon in this 1915-1935 era. Whether you choose clip on or post antique earrings, each pair of our one-of-a-kind vintage and antique estate earrings come with a Certificate of Appraisal and have been inspected (and repaired if necessary) by our expert Jewelers at Dover Jewelry in Miami, Florida. Our estate earrings collection is constantly changing but typically includes a good selection of gold estate earrings, platinum estate earrings, gemstone diamond earrings, sapphire estate earrings, and yellow gold estate earrings. We are always buying and selling estate earrings so check back often! For assistance finding a specific pair of estate earrings please contact Dover Jewelry Toll Free at 1-877-777-6111 or send us an email. With such variety and styles it’s always tempting to buy estate earrings just to accessorize every outfit in your closet!

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