Jewelry Appraisal – The First Step to Selling your Jewelry

Many people reach a point in their lives when they are interested in selling some of the jewelry and heirlooms that they have owned over the years, and a jewelry appraisal is the best way to establish their market value. Besides, the jewelry market is always looking for the next dazzling estate, antique or vintage jewelry piece, and that might be yours.

Moreover, now is a good time to sell. With metal prices at record levels and an escalating taste for diamonds among the middle class in emerging markets, jewelry prices soared back to pre-crisis levels in 2011 and antique jewelry online stores are offering to buy back any type of jewelry piece or design they deem valuable for market standards.

Qualified jewelry appraisal

The first step when selling your jewelry is going to a qualified jewelry appraiser that has the market experience and recognition to perform such a service. A qualified jewelry appraisal first aims at identifying the main characteristics of the antique jewelry item and then looks to assign its right market value, in case the piece is put to sale later on or is part of a trade-in or trade-up.

When selling gold jewelry

  • Separate your gold by its karat weight: This will not only help you begin to assess its value, but it can point out items that are not even gold. Your first task is to learn how to tell if gold is real.
  • Find out how much fine gold your jewelry contains: The best indicator of this is the hallmark, which will normally show 375, 585, 750 or 916.
  • Determine the Gram Weight of Your Gold: Determining the weight of your scrap gold will help you to calculate its base value. This doesn’t necessarily represent the price you will get, but it’s good to have this figure as a reference when starting negotiations.

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When selling diamond jewelry

  • Know your pieces: The first step to properly selling your jewelry is knowing exactly what kind of pieces you own. Do your own jewelry research regarding time period, style, design and stone quality of your pieces, and always be aware of any cuts and scratches they might have.
  • Get certifications: If you don’t have a GIA Certification, you won’t be considered certifiable, but if you do have one, then it will raise the value of your diamond.
    • Do your own research: Look for prices of similar pieces on eBay and antique jewelry stores and factor in a discount for your pre-worn jewel.

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Choose the right store to sell your diamond engagement rings

Choosing a buyer is not always about getting top price, but is often a function of how quickly you can settle the deal and how much you can trust the buyer. Once you have done your research and are ready to sell, find a trustable and experienced store that knows jewelry and have been buying and selling items for long.