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At Dover Jewelry & Antiques, located in Miami Florida, we are constantly buying and selling heirloom quality estate engagement rings, estate wedding rings and estate diamond rings as well as all other types of Estate Jewelry. These estate jewelry rings make distinctive gifts for those who appreciate fine quality.

With new estate rings added to our collection on a daily basis, there are always unseen pieces of jewelry to view in our online gallery of estate rings for sale, all offered at most favorable, incredibly low, wholesale prices.

The History of Estate Engagement Rings

Estate engagement rings can be true treasures and represent part of the fascinating traditions for exchanging rings between engaged couples. Here’s an overview of the evolution of the very first vintage estate engagement rings.

The Gimmel Estate Jewelry Ring

For centuries the “Gimmel” was known as the betrothal ring; a symbol of the promise of a ‘shared future together’. The Gimmel is a rare and unique find for an estate ring but occasionally they do surface. Today we would consider an estate eternity band as the contemporary version of the antique Gimmel ring.

According to the antique tradition, one part of the tri-hoop Gimmel ring was worn by the bride-to-be, another part by the prospective bride groom, and the third part by a witness to the promise. On the wedding day, the three interlocking hoops were re-united and became the bride’s wedding ring.

A common design for this ring incorporated a small diamond set inside a heart-motif mounting, encircled by a pair of clasped hands. The Italian “mani in fede” or hands clasped in faith was a popular symbol of love in the 1600’s.

The Serpent Estate Ring

Like many estate jewelry rings of today, throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, colored stones were a popular choice for antique engagement rings. An early estate engagement ring would often be set with several stones.

A certain word or theme was chosen, which would be “spelled out” by using the first letter of a gem. For example, “dearest” would mean a ring would include a diamond, emerald, amethyst, ruby, epidote crystal, sapphire, and turquoise.

Another common symbol to be found in bracelets and estate rings was the serpent, considered as symbols of eternal love. Prince Albert presented Queen Victoria a serpent engagement ring that was set with emeralds, the Queen’s birthstone.

Maximillian and Mary Vintage Estate Diamond Rings

It is believed that Maximillian of Austria initiated the tradition of diamond engagement rings. He gave a diamond ring to Mary of Burgundy in 1477.

Today, it is customary to wear estate diamond engagement rings and wedding rings on the left ring finger. This ancient tradition began in Greece because the vena amoris, the vein located in that finger is said to lead directly to the heart.

Estate Diamond Rings

Dover Jewelry also offers a wide selection of estate diamond rings for sale in all styles, which often combine yellow or white gold and various gemstones. An estate diamond ring can be purchased and presented as a gift for a variety of reasons, such as proposing with an estate diamond engagement ring, saying your vows with estate wedding rings, or marking an anniversary, graduation, or major milestone with an estate diamond ring. Dover Jewelry’s master jewelers carefully inspect each estate diamond ring sold, to ensure that it is in excellent condition prior to shipment.

More Estate Rings for Sale at Dover Jewelry

Our estate jewelry rings don’t stop at traditional estate engagement rings and estate diamond rings – we have a variety of unique and stunning estate jewelry rings, priced at incredibly affordable prices, including:

  • Estate Sapphire Rings
  • Estate Emerald Rings
  • Estate Ruby Rings
  • Men’s Estate Rings
  • Estate Aquamarine Rings
  • Estate Band Rings
  • And many, many more!

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