How to Buy Antique Jewelry Online – Gold, Platinum and Diamond

At Dover Jewelry we know that part of the fascination with antique gold jewelry and antique platinum jewelry lies in the fact that they reveal new aspects every time you glance at them.

Each fine antique jewelry piece has a unique personality of its own. Learning about the materials used in making your period jewelry is a great way to get to know any secrets it may be conveying to you from the past.

Whether you buy antique Edwardian jewelry or prefer antique Art Nouveau jewelry, the precious gold and platinum metals are the backbone of what makes most of these fine period jewelry pieces unique.

Here’s a brief look at the foremost precious metals and stones used in antique jewelry including antique engagement rings, wedding bands, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants, pins, watches, and more.

Buying Antique Gold Jewelry

Gold has been treasured since ancient times and when you buy antique jewelry you will notice that many of the available authentic period pieces are made from this rare and beautiful precious metal.

In its purest state, gold never tarnishes but it is very soft. It can be compressed into tissue paper thinness and stretched into fine strands. In fact, one ounce of gold can be stretched into fifty miles of wire!

In England, early antique jewelry pieces were made from pure 24 karat gold. This can be helpful when ascertaining the date of production of a jewel. In fact, if you buy gold antique jewelry dated before 1854, the purity of gold would always be 18 karats or higher.

Early English gold (like silver) was hallmarked with the head of a forward facing crowned lion. In 1821 the head was changed to a lion’s profile without the crown, and later in 1844 the use of a ‘lion passant’ (in profile) was selected as exclusive hallmark for sterling silver. In France, gold was often hallmarked with an Eagle’s head.

When buying antique jewelry these distinctive marks can assist in ascertaining the provenance of the jewelry item and its approximate or precise age. One popular trend for the contemporary gold jewelry is rose gold antique jewelry.

Buying Antique Platinum Jewelry

Platinum is a dense white metal that became the precious metal of choice during the 1700’s, although its discovery and initial usage dates back much farther to the time of ancient Egyptians.

Considered to be more precious than gold at the time, platinum remains the purest of the precious metals and the most reflective. King Louis XVI of France declared platinum the only metal that was fit enough for kings.

Learning to identify and understand the qualities of precious metals like platinum makes the purchase of antique platinum jewelry more interesting and rewarding.

Buying Antique Diamond Jewelry

The art of cutting diamonds has drastically changed over the decades, using newer technologies and achieving more diamond cut precision.

Antique fine diamond jewelry features “old cut diamonds” which were typically cut by hand rather than the laser technology applied today. As such, antique diamonds were cut to maximize carat weight. You will often notice that antique diamond engagement rings and other jewelry pieces will tend to have more of a crown height and greater pavilion depths.

The most popular antique diamond jewelry pieces feature old rose cut diamonds, European cut diamonds and Old Mine cut diamonds.

Let Us Help You Buy and Sell Antique Jewelry

Dover Jewelry, located in Miami Florida, is one of America’s best antique jewelry stores for buying antique jewelry. Our master jewelers take the time to carefully inspect each piece of antique jewelry to ensure authenticity and quality.

While most of our clients are looking to buy antique jewelry online, we also purchase Estate Jewelry, Vintage Jewelry and Antique Jewelry pieces in addition to selling them. Talk to us first before parting with your heirloom pieces to get a fair antique jewelry appraisal. Ask us about the difference between antique and vintage jewelry.

We also carry a fine collection of quality Art Deco estate jewelry as well as Victorian gold and platinum jewelry plus Edwardian and Georgian period pieces.

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