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From the new collector to the long-time jewelry enthusiast, everyone agrees that platinum is a worldly treasure, a precious metal that is five times rarer than gold and considered to be the purest of all precious metals.

At Dover Jewelry & Antiques, our antique jewelry store in Miami Florida, we understand and appreciate the intrinsic value of platinum. We travel the world to purchase vintage, estate and antique platinum jewelry including stunning engagement rings and wedding bands. We know when a rare platinum jewelry piece will captivate, inspire and fuel the imagination of our customers.

Platinum Jewelry History

The word “platinum” originally derives from the Spanish language.  It is interesting to note that the Spanish Conquistadores were not impressed with this precious metal and considered it inferior to gold, calling it ‘platina’ which means ‘silver’.

Although Platinum was first used by Pre-Columbian Indians it was re-discovered in South America in 1735. The more substantial quantity of platinum was discovered later in 1822 in the Ural Mountains of Russia. It was around that time that jewelers figured out a way of making platinum more malleable for use in antique and vintage jewelry.

Before long, these unique platinum jewelry pieces became symbols of prestige among kings, queens and the nobility at large. The significance of platinum as a symbol of wealth and exclusiveness has been preserved to  exist in our contemporary society. For instance, in “Awards” ceremonies platinum outranks gold, silver and bronze, and in the credit card business a “platinum” status affords the platinum card holder with more privileges than those holding a gold card.

Antique Platinum Jewelry Periods

Like other antique jewelry pieces, antique platinum jewelry has to be over 100 years old to be considered antique based on the Federal Trade Commission guidelines.

In the antique jewelry industry however, fine jewelry pieces crafted before or during the Art Deco period are generally considered antique or period pieces. Our wholesale jewelry collection offers stunning antique platinum jewelry items including;

  • Victorian Platinum Jewelry ( 1837-1901 )
  • Art Nouveau Platinum Jewelry ( 1890-1905 )
  • Edwardian Platinum Jewelry ( 1901-1910 )
  • Art Deco Platinum Jewelry ( 1910-1935 )

Our online jewelry gallery includes antique platinum necklaces and antique platinum diamond watches among other platinum jewelry we buy and sell.

Vintage Platinum Jewelry

The term “vintage jewelry” is an all-encompassing term used to describe period jewelry pieces from virtually all eras ranging from the Georgian era of 1714 – 1837 up to the Retro era of the 1960’s. Vintage platinum jewelry prior to the Victorian period is quite rare.

During World War II, the use of platinum for jewelry production was banned due to the rarity of this precious metal  and the priority given  to the production of arms necessitating precious metals. Following WWII however, jewelers were able to resume the production of fine platinum jewelry pieces.

Dover Jewelry’s collection of vintage platinum jewelry includes exquisite items like vintage platinum bracelets and vintage platinum cufflinks plus platinum necklaces, wedding bands and more.

Platinum Estate Jewelry

Estate platinum jewelry is not necessarily platinum jewelry that comes from an estate. The term “estate jewelry” refers in broad terms to any jewelry item that has been previously owned and can encompass both antique and vintage jewelry pieces.

Buy Authentic Antique Platinum Jewelry Online

Today about 5% of all mined platinum is used for making fine platinum jewelry pieces. The modern platinum jewelry industry continues to grow and the increased consumer awareness and preference for this most precious of precious metals has continued to fuel the appreciation and desire for antique platinum jewelry both for men and for women.

Dover Jewelry buys and sells heirloom quality estate, vintage and antique platinum jewelry from all over the world. We proudly offer our customers the opportunity to buy antique platinum jewelry online, at wholesale prices, from the convenience of your home!

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