Antique Fine Diamond Jewelry

What distinguishes antique diamond jewelry from contemporary diamond jewelry pieces? There are innumerable distinguishing criteria and we will explore the most obvious ones.

Fine diamond jewelry, whether classified as antique, vintage, estate or modern contemporary pieces, possess certain common attributes which help define them. These include:

  • The quality of the diamond
  • The cut of the diamond
  • The precious metal used to create the fine diamond jewelry (gold, silver, platinum, etc.)
  • The specific design of the fine diamond jewelry
  • Who designed the diamond jewelry

Beyond these attributes, there is a world of difference between antique fine diamond jewelry, and the contemporary fine diamond jewelry which we would like to help you explore.

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What Makes Antique Fine Diamonds So Unique

When we consider the cut of a diamond, we are evaluating the proportional and symmetrical aspects inherent in the diamond’s cut. The polish of the diamond determines the stone’s “brilliance” and is therefore  of sufficient significance.

Diamond cutters who provided diamonds for antique fine diamond jewelry over 100 years ago, especially prior to 1900, had to be highly skilled craftsmen to fulfill their tasks impeccably. The diamond cutters of that era had to cut the stone manually and worked with primitive cutting tools and equipment. They did not have access to today’s contemporary laser technology of cutting stones.

Old Cut Diamonds

Earlier diamonds (referred to as “old cut diamonds”) set in antique fine diamond jewelry were not cut according to precise mathematical considerations. Emphasis was primarily placed on maximizing the carat weight, for which reason antique cut diamonds tend to have higher crowns, smaller tables, thicker girdles and greater pavilion depths.

That said, many collectors of antique fine diamond jewelry prefer the warmth and the ‘fiery glow’ found in antique cut diamonds such as the following:

  • Old Rose Cut (facets resemble rose petals, as in double Dutch rose-cut which is a variety of rose-cut)
  • European Cut (circular girdle similar to and developed into today’s modern brilliant cut diamonds)
  • Old Mine Cut (distinguished by its ‘fire’ exceeding the stone’s sparkle)

Old antique cut diamonds are becoming increasingly rare since many are re-cut into modern brilliant cut diamonds to increase the diamond’s “fire”, as well as its market value. Because of this, there is an increasing demand for antique fine diamond jewelry with authentic old cut diamonds.

Modern Cut Diamonds

Today’s modern diamond cutting methods are based on precise mathematics in order to maximize the inherent fire and brilliance of each diamond to be used in modern fine diamond jewelry.

Modern brilliant cut (round) diamonds are the most popular on the market. All other diamond cuts are also referred to  as “fancy cut” categories.

Because of modern laser technology and computer aided design, one can find a wide selection of diamond cuts in today’s modern fine diamond jewelry, some of which include;

Round Brilliant Cut           Princess Cut               Marquise         

Heart-shaped                      Trillion Cut                 Oval Cut

Pear Shaped                      Emerald Cut                 Baguettes        

Flanders Cut                      Barion Cut

Newer contemporary rose cut diamonds include the Antwerp rose cut diamond and the Double Dutch rose cut diamond.

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